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Scandal Recap: "A Door Marked Exit"

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The last new Scandal episode of 2013 did not disappoint.  The high-charged outing saw several game changers that set up a wild second half of the season. 

Sally Murdered Her Husband

Viewers got to see the explosive fight that led to Sally (Kate Burton) stabbing Daniel Douglas (Jack Coleman) with a letter opener.  She bellowed his sodomy was threatening her career, and he mentioned how they both used each other. Daniel pointed out Sally has always been his beard.  He was finally going to leave her, thus ruining her shot at the presidency.

In a fit of rage, Sally went crazy and killed her husband! Then, she called Cyrus (Jeff Perry) for help.  Cyrus was sick when he saw what happened, since he’d orchestrated everything.  He called in a team to fix it, and they made it look like a heart attack.  Good news: It appeared Sally would get away with murder.  Bad news: She’d have to wait four years to run for president. 

Quinn Can’t Go Home Again

After Quinn (Katie Lowes) missed her shot to kill Eli (Joe Morton); she removed the tracking device Huck (Guillermo Díaz) planted in her tooth.  Olivia (Kerry Washington) was disgusted Huck tortured her, especially since it meant Quinn wouldn’t come back to them for help with anything.  Huck felt no remorse, and wanted Quinn dead. 

Eventually, Quinn returned, but Huck told her she wasn’t welcomed. He stressed the only reason she was still breathing was because of Liv.  Quinn was left to continue faking a relationship with Charlie (George Newbern), so she had a place to live and wouldn’t get killed by B613. 

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Olivia’s Mom Returned…but Not in Handcuffs

Olivia and her team scrambled to get evidence of her mother’s crimes, so Maya (Khandi Alexander) could be arrested when her plane landed overseas.  They found out she sold government info to the highest bidder.  She was a traitor, who used her husband’s governmental position. 

Unfortunately, Maya had disappeared by the time her plane landed, and killed the crew. Olivia didn’t know how they’d ever find her again, until she got an ominous phone call from her creeper mom.  It was then revealed Maya was back in D.C.  Obviously, that can’t be good!

Command Was Neutralized

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) wanted to help Olivia.  He had Eli kidnapped, so Maya could get away safely.  He tied him to a chair, and then tried torturing Eli by telling him details about his sex life with Olivia! 

Fitz had a filthy mouth, and that stuff was not right.  I understand Fitz wanted to provoke Eli, but if he loves Olivia, he shouldn’t have disrespected her like that. After all, Eli is still her father. 

Eli shut him down, and read him like a book.  It was amazing!  He basically told Fitz he was a self-loathing rich boy with daddy issues, who was only using his daughter because she represented an out from the life Big Jerry wanted for him.  It was all true, but of course, it went right over Fitz’s head. 

Later, Olivia called and told Fitz what went down with Maya, which got her one-on-one time with her father.  She then made Eli confirm everything she’d discovered about her mother.  This included important information that Maya tricked Eli and Fitz into blowing up the passenger plane! There’d never been a bomb on board set to detonate over London.  Fitz let Eli go, but things didn’t get better for Command.  Eli was out, and Jake (Scott Foley) was in as the new head of B613!


David Landed in the Middle of Another White House Conspiracy

James (Dan Bucatinsky) suspected Cyrus was involved with Daniel Douglas’ murder, and told David (Joshua Malina) all about it.  David wouldn’t get involved on James’ word, since James had screwed him in the past with the election fraud case.  He wouldn’t risk his career again.  Later, an NSA agent came to David with a tape recording of the call Sally made to Cyrus after the murder.  Will he have to prosecute after all?

Other Thoughts and Tidbits:

*Sally’s campaign manager, Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein), figured out she’d murdered Daniel Douglas, and was disappointed she didn’t call him to fix the cover-up.  Now, the Grant Administration owned her. 

*James was still upset after David refused to investigate Daniel Douglas’s death, but got over it and agreed to stay with Cyrus in return for being named Press Secretary.  However, it looked like Cyrus joined the loveless, sham marriage club with Fitz and Mellie (Bellamy Young). 

*Jake confessed to Olivia he'd been in love with her.

*Should David just move out of state?  Talk about a rock and a hard place!  #PoorDavid

Scandal returns to ABC on Feb. 27.

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