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Kate Linder Denies Trying to Get Kay Chancellor Killed Off on Young and Restless

In her juicy memoir, the late Jeanne Cooper revealed several scandalous details about life behind-the-scenes at CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. One claim made in Not Young, Still Restless had Kate Linder going to the brass to ask if Cooper's Kay Chancellor could be killed off, with maid Esther Valentine (Linder) inheriting the dowager queen's fortune!


Linder denied the allegation in a recent Huffington Post Canada interview. Here's an excerpt:

Finally, were you surprised that in Jeanne's memoir, "Not Young, Still Restless" that she accused you of going behind her back to the writers to suggest Kay die and Esther inherit everything?

I was surprised! Some of that was hearsay she heard. I would never suggest killing off Katherine Chancellor! I couldn't even speak when I read what she wrote. We talked about it after I read it. I told her it wasn't true. It was unfortunate that she thought that all these years. I would never, ever do anything like that. It's a beautifully written book but there are some things that aren't correct in the book.

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