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Perkie's Observations: Will The Truth About The Baby Cost Britt Everything on General Hospital?

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Julian pays Alexis a visit to discuss a missing Carlos. He’s certain Sonny has him.  Alexis says she’s not involved in Sonny’s activities. Julian asks who Lucas is and says Sam mentioned him.  Alexis denies any knowledge, which Julian doesn’t believe. 


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Julian reminds her they used someone’s DNA to find out he was Sam’s father. Alexis doesn’t want to discuss anything and kicks him out. 

Sonny still believes Carlos is lying about being related to Lily. He questions whether Duke has changed his mind about helping him. Duke has decided Julian needs to be stopped in order to protect Anna.

Lulu tells Luke and Bobbie about the missing embryos. She’s heading to Wyndemere to talk to Britt. After she leaves, Bobbie tells Luke about Julian being alive. She’s worried he’ll find out the truth about Lucas. 

Britt tells Nikolas her mother asked for help in getting a lawyer. Britt  says she feels guilty. 

Dr. Obrecht is disappointed when neither Britt, nor a lawyer shows up for her. She tells Dante she has some important information for him. 

Before she has a chance to spill, Britt arrives. Dante asks her about his missing embryos. Britt tells him to talk to Brad, as she has no idea what happened to them. 

TJ tells Shawn he and Molly have worked out their differences. He’s worried about Shawn working for Sonny. Shawn reassures him. 

Molly arrives and tells TJ about Julian stopping by the house. He asked her mother about Carlos.  TJ grabs Shawn’s keys and heads to the warehouse. 

Felix wonders if Brad knows what happened to the embryos. He warns he could lose his job, if he doesn’t fix this. 

Lulu finds Nik and Ben at Wyndemere. She drools over the baby.  

TJ lets himself into the warehouse and finds a tied up Carlos. He unties the mobster, who takes off, but is caught by one of Sonny’s men. Carlos and the gunman fight, while TJ watches on. Sonny and Shawn arrive in time to hear a gunshot. 

Dr Obrecht and Britt remember back in February, Britt told her mother she’d lost Patrick because of her behavior with Emma. Liesl told her to get pregnant to hang onto Patrick. 

Dr. Obrecht decided to use Lante’s already fertilized embryos, both of them, as the first didn’t take.  Britt now feels she should have resisted harder, because Lulu and Dante are asking questions. 

Britt worries about Nik. He makes her feel happy and worthy of love. She wonders what he’ll do if he finds out the truth about Ben. 

Brad summons Lulu and Dante to the hospital. He tells them Ellie authorized the destruction of some lab samples, their embryos being on the list.