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Billy Miller on Young and Restless Exit: "You Don't Negotiate If You Aren't Considering Staying"

Ex-The Young and the Restless star Billy Miller has gone on the record about what lead to him exiting the role of Billy Abbott. In the December 30 issue of Soap Opera Digest the wildly popular actor confirmed losing the flexibility to pursue side projects—which had been previously afforded to him—was at issue. Said Miller:


"In the past, we were able to venture out of the Y&R world; now it seems there is no longer that flexibility for me."

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No flexibility for one of the soap's most popular stars, half of a hit couple and a recent Daytime Emmy winner. Alrighty then.

Would Miller have stayed, if he'd been able to secure a deal similar to pacts made under the previous Y&R regime, affording him time off to do primetime shows and movies-of-the-week? Said Miller:

"Well, you don't negotiate if you aren't considering staying. However, we clearly came to a standstill. I've heard a lot of bad information out there in terms of what I wanted out of the contract. I am probably not helping that here as I believe negotiations behind closed doors should respectively stay there. I can say that somewhere within that negotiation, it just felt that it was time to move on."

For more of Miller's revealing chat, pick up the Dec. 30 issue of SOD.