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Perkie's Observations: Guns Are Blazing at the Corinthos Coffee Warehouse on General Hospital

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Carlos and the guard fight until the guard is knocked out. Carlos grabs TJ and hides. Sonny and Shawn find the guard. Sonny calls out to Carlos, warning  there is no way out. He's upset to see Carlos using TJ as a shield. 

Sam wants to discuss Rafe with Silas, who recalls his early days of meeting Sam. The two kiss, but are interrupted by a call for Silas. After Sam leaves, Silas calls Ava to meet him. 

Julian greets Bobbie and Luke, who brings up Jerry and Ava’s possible involvement with him. Julian denies knowing Jerry. Bobbie gets a call and Julian spots it’s from Lucas. He wants to know who he is. Luke quickly claims the call is from him; his phone accidentally dialed Bobbie’s.

Morgan and Ava are discussing their Christmas plans when Molly arrives, worried about TJ. She tells Morgan about Carlos possibly being at Sonny’s warehouse and TJ heading there. Ava gets the call from Silas. She tells Morgan to call Julian to deal with it. 

When Julian arrives, Morgan explains. Molly wants to call the police. Julian promises to take care of things. Leave the police out of it. 

Sabrina leaves a voice mail for Patrick about Emma’s presents. She’s upset they may not be together for Christmas.

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She tells Felix she needs to face reality. Patrick hasn’t chosen her. 

Felix assures her Patrick simply hasn’t made a decision yet. It isn't over.

Felix is heading home for the holidays and offers to bring Sabrina with him. She decides to stay in town. 

Patrick tells Robin that Emma should be in her own home for Christmas. He gives her his key. Robin wonders if this means he’s chosen Sabrina. Patrick says he hasn’t made his choice yet. 

Robin remembers when she and Patrick first bought their home. Emma arrives with Anna, who wonders how Robin feels about being back in her house.

Robin is surprised at the changes, but Anna says it was all Maxie’s doing. Robin says it feels like she’s walking into someone else home. 

Robin tells her mother she’s trying to give Patrick space, but wants her husband back. Anna says the situation is similar to her relationships with Duke and Robert. Anna assures her Patrick will choose her. 

Sam runs into Patrick, who explains both women are waiting for an answer from him. He feels he owes Sabrina for helping him put his life back together. He loves them both. Patrick doesn’t know where he belongs. Sam calls him on that, saying in his heart he knows.

Silas tells Ava he got a call from the NYPD. She says she warned him about this.

Silas says he hoped things would have died down. Ava suggests he ignore the calls, if he doesn’t want the secret exposed.  Silas doesn’t agree.  Ava warns Sam will find out his secret. 

Carlos holds TJ as a shield, determined to get out of the warehouse alive. Max arrives to help Sonny. 

Julian and Morgan also arrive with guns. Sonny tells Morgan to leave. Julian says they aren’t leaving without Carlos.

Anna and Duke help Robin and Emma put their stockings up. Someone’s knocks on the door.

Patrick arrives at Sabrina’s door.