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SPOILERS: Victor is on the WARPATH on The Young and the Restless!

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Victor/Paul: Mr. Mumbles confronts Paul about his part in tracking down Nikki's secret son. Victor also demands to know why Paul didn't protect Nikki, during their cult experience. When the Newman patriarch issues Paul a warning to stay out of Nikki's business from now on, will the gumshoe listen? Meanwhile, Nikki's cult past won't be the only mystery Victor is digging around in.

Neil/Leslie: Is Mr. Winters ready to put a ring on it?

Jack/Billy/Jill/Kelly: The Abbott playboy is offered some hope by his big brother. Look for Kelly to start playing a more integral role in the lives of the Abbott men. Jill will also provide Billy a supportive ear.

The Music Box: Speaking of Ms. Foster, she's still troubled by the trinket Kay left behind.

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