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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Pulls a Gun on Sonny on General Hospital!

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Carlos manages to escape, despite being shot.  Shawn drags TJ out of the warehouse.  Morgan and Sonny draw guns on each other. Julian urges Morgan to shoot his father.  Sonny pulls back and warns Morgan to do the same, but Max appears, and Morgan accidentally shoots him.  Morgan is upset that he shot Max and runs off. Sonny calls 911.

Robert arrives at Robin’s door, dressed like Santa and wonders where Patrick is.  Robin claims Patrick needs time to make a decision.  Emma wants to wait for her father before opening any gifts, but does open Robert’s.

Patrick needs to talk to Sabrina feeling he owes her an apology.  He says he meant his vows when he said them and has been trying not to hurt anyone.  Sabrina realizes he’s going back to Robin.

Patrick says he loves Sabrina and was ready to be a family with her, but admits that he would have searched forever for Robin if he’d known she was alive.  He begs Sabrina’s forgiveness, but she feels it isn’t his fault.  She absolves him, gives him the gifts for Emma and says goodbye.

Ava’s surprised to find Molly waiting in her apartment and quickly gets angry that Julian dragged Morgan into this situation.  She reassures Molly that TJ will come home safely.  Diane arrives, telling Ava that an NYPD detective called her and thinks it’s about Franco’s fake art.

Sam and Silas are surprised to find Rafe at the hospital, with an injured hand.  He says he punched a wall in anger over his feelings for Molly.   Sam points out that it’s time to find someone new, but Rafe is worried about being the son of a killer, where Molly understood that about him.  He feels you can never outrun your past. Silas gets several calls that he ignores.  

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Anna gets the call about the gunfire and comments that a mob war is brewing.  She tells Robin that despite her daughter’s friendship with Sonny, she can’t look away from his criminal activity.

Duke sends Sonny a text that Anna is on her way.  He wants to check up on her, but Robert offers to buy him a drink to keep his mind off of her.

Molly is relieved when Morgan and Julian return and tell her that TJ is fine.  Diane gets a call that Max has been shot and runs out.  Ava’s angry with Julian for dragging Morgan into the fight.  Morgan is upset that he shot Max, someone he’s known his whole life.

TJ is angry that he almost got shot and accuses Shawn of almost killing Carlos.  Molly arrives, concerned for TJ but also worried about Max.  TJ’s not happy with what Shawn does for Sonny.

Morgan wants to go to the hospital to check on Max, but Julian says he’ll be arrested if he goes.  Ava tells him to call the hospital to check and questions Julian on when Sonny will hit them again.  Julian worries where Carlos went.

Anna gets to the scene and questions Sonny, who refuses to answer any of her questions.  She asks who shot Max. Sonny says he was cleaning his gun and it went off by accident.  Anna points out that there are tons of shell casings and too much blood for that story to be true.  Anna puts Sonny under arrest.

A bleeding Carlos arrives at Sabrina’s door.

Robin is surprised when Patrick arrives.  He admits that he should have been here a long time ago, that he’s sorry he left her waiting.  Patrick says he’s home now, where he belongs.  He is her husband and they are a family and he wants it back.  Patrick says he wants Robin back.  They kiss.