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SPOILERS: Nick and Sharon Heat Up on The Young and the Restless!

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Nick/Sharon: Add Abby to the list of Newmans who aren’t keen on Nick kicking it with Sharon. The former Naked Heiress is alarmed when she visits her big brother and sees how tight he is with his ex! 

Abby giving Nick her two cents doesn't slow his roll. Watch for sparks to fly for Shick at Neil and Leslie’s New Year’s Eve engagement party, much to Victor and Nikki's dismay!

Adam/Chelsea/Victor: The two ring in the New Year with great news regarding baby Connor. Adam should get too comfy, however. Mr. Money Bags is getting dangerously close to finding out who killed Delia. Will he turn his own son in?

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Victoria/Billy/Kelly: The Abbott playboy gets a key clue in Delia’s hit-and-run accident. He also hits the sheets with Kelly and follows it up by getting freaky with his wife. Hopefully he showers in between!

Kevin: He comes across some shocking information.

Dylan/Avery/Nikki/Nick: This cat just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Dylan decides to seek out his real father, Ian Ward, despite warnings from Nikki and Avery. Watch for Dylan and Nick to eventually team up to deal with the threat Ian brings to Genoa City.

Jill: The vixen’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Lily: Her cancer test results are in! Look for a surprising business opportunity down the road, courtesy of a relative.