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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Says Goodbye, Lulu and Hello, Beautiful Stranger on GH

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Silas has something important to tell Sam, but is interrupted by an angry Monica. Dr. Quartermaine lets Silas know he’s on a short list of replacements for the chief of staff position and thinks he campaigned for it.  Sam wonders why Monica would object to Silas being named to the position. Monica says she wants her job back.


Monica feels she should be reinstated and wants Silas to tell the board he isn’t interested. Silas feels it isn’t his place to say anything. Monica warns this isn’t over. 

Maxie tells Lulu  she’s leaving town to find herself and is saying goodbye. Maxie swears she never meant to hurt Lulu. She suggests Lulu and Dante try again and Lulu explains about the destroyed embryos. However, they are going to try again with Britt’s help. 

Happy for Lulu, Maxie reaches for her hand, but pulls back when Lulu says this doesn’t change things between them. Lulu feels she lost her best friend. Maxie explains this is why she needs to leave. She wants to come back a better person and be Lulu’s friend again. 

Patrick wants another baby. He explains to Robin how seeing Danny stirred up his paternal feelings. Robin wonders if this is about Ben. Patrick explains he loved Britt's son, when he believed he was the father, but this isn't a factor.

Robin considers it and says no. She reminds Patrick she just got home and misses the routine of being a family. She wants to enjoy just being the three of them.  She promises a baby some day, but not now. 

Patrick admits he’s disappointed. Robin says she wants to celebrate by renewing their vows. Patrick agrees and says they should do it on New Year's Eve. 

Felix thinks Sabrina is pregnant. She says she and Patrick took precautions. Felix informs her of the Enduro Condoms scandal of a few years back and tells her to take a test. He offers to get one from the hospital. Sabrina doesn’t want anyone to know and asks him to buy one from the store. 

Britt runs into Dante and tells him Lulu agreed to try again. She apologizes for lying about Maxie’s baby.

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Dante understands she was caught in the middle. Britt promises to do everything in her power to help them have a baby. When Britt sees how caught up Dante is with Ben, she feels the need to tell him something.   

Britt is interrupted by Lulu. Britt checks Lulu for viable eggs and is concerned about something. 

Sam wants to know what Silas was going to tell her before Monica interrupted. He ignores another call and then says he’s happy to be spending New Year’s Eve with her. 

Maxie is packing to leave, when there’s a knock at the door. She opens it to find a handsome stranger. 

Sabrina and Felix wait for the test results and are shocked when it comes back positive. She's pregnant.

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