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Will You Miss SOAPnet? (POLL)

What if people could watch their favorite soaps at night? With that revolutionary-at-the-time question in mind, Disney launched SOAPnet back in 2000. I remember, because as a college student in Arkansas, I was thoroughly pissed my cable provider didn't carry the channel.


How was it possible that a channel existed where re-runs of Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knots Landing aired constantly and I couldn't get it? A few years later, when I moved to Illinois for work, I discovered the majesty of SOAPnet.

It had it all. There were my aforementioned primetime soaps from boyhood, Another World, Ryan's Hope and a soap talk show featuring Lisa Rinna talking about her toe fungus. Those were the days. Oh, and if by chance my VCR mucked up during the day, I could still watch my daytime stories at night. Heaven.

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Somewhere along the way, SOAPnet began to lose focus. Tacky reality shows were added, as well as beyond lame movies. "What the fudge is Clue doing on SOAPnet?" I screamed at random strangers in grocery store aisles. Yet those weekend marathons of Beverly Hills, 90210, One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars kept me watching.

Now that SOAPnet has gone on to that Great Cable Landscape in The Sky, are you sad to see it end?