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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital's Silas Detonates His Bottle Rocket For Sam on New Year's Eve

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Britt tells Lulu and Dante she won’t be able to create new embryos for them, because Lulu has no viable eggs. She questions when Lulu’s last cycle was. Lulu admits things have been off with all the stress she's been under.


Upset, Lulu points out this was their last hope to have a child. Britt cites the physical trauma Lulu suffered on Cassadine Island, but promises to run more tests.

Felix insists Sabrina tell Patrick about the pregnancy, but Sabrina says Patrick can never know.  She won’t be like Britt and use the baby to get Patrick back. Felix declares he’ll tell Patrick.

Sabrina swears she’ll never speak to Felix again if he tells Patrick. She doesn’t want to saddle Patrick with a baby he didn’t want. Patrick is with his family. 

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Sabrina doesn’t want to be the other woman who ruins everything. Felix backs off, as Sabrina admits she doesn’t know what she’ll do. 

Patrick and Robin explain to Emma they want to renew their vows on New Year's Eve. Emma becomes the officiator.

Robin and Patrick say their vows, as they remember their original wedding. The two give each other their rings and Patrick toasts their new year together. 

Nathan is Maxie’s new tenant, ready to sublet her apartment while she’s away. Maxie explains she’s going on a spiritual journey to find herself and is looking for a fresh start. Nathan offers for her to stay with him, but Maxie wants a clean slate. 

Nikolas and Sam share a New Year’s eve drink, while waiting for their respective dates. Sam questions Nikolas and Britt’s relationship. He admits he’s gotten close to her. Nik asks about Silas, as he arrives and spirits Sam away. 

Lulu’s upset at yet another roadblock. She isn’t interested in a donor egg. She decides she doesn’t want the heartbreak anymore and wants them to stop trying. It wasn’t meant to be. 

Lulu decides to leave, despite Dante begging her to stay and lean on him. Dante realizes Lulu still resents him for not lying on the stand. Lulu says it’s how she feels and leaves. 

Silas and Sam decide to get a room to watch the fireworks and to be alone. They toast to his possible position as chief of staff and Sam says she has faith him.  The two kiss and make love, as Silas’s phone rings again. 

 Britt briefly tells Nik what happened with Lante. Nik worries that Lulu is devastated.  As they ring in the New Year, Nik tells her she means a lot to him. 

Nathan leaves a voice message on Silas’s phone, telling him he can’t ignore the New York detective.