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Maria Arena Bell Weighs In on Y&R's "Problematic Storytelling Decisions"!

Oh, the shade of it all! Soap Opera Digest started the New Year off by getting a juicy quote from former The Young and the Restless showrunner Maria Arena Bell on the firing of Michael Muhney (ex-Adam). Said La Bell:


"Michael brought amazing dimension and complexity to the role of Adam Newman and his and Sharon's was a great dark love story. Sadly, that story was seriously derailed in the last year, so I am not surprised that the show would look for a solution to their problematic storytelling decisions. It will be a tough role to recast."

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Oh Ri Ri, it won't be tough when you have as many friends as Jill Farren Phelps! Y'all know I was one of the Socialite Showrunner's toughest critics, but she is telling the truth about how royally botched Shadam was in 2013. And if anyone should know from problematic storytelling decisions, it is she who penned "So Long, Sister Killer"! All that being said, multiple insiders insist this firing wasn't on JFP.

The woman who used to hold JFP's job isn't the only one speaking out on Y&R's creative missteps during 2013, however. The Boston Herald's Mark Perigard referred to JFP as the "Madame DeFarge of daytime".

Now so you don't have to waste time googling "Madam DeFarge" like I did, I'll just go ahead and tell ya, she's the villain from A Tale of Two Cities. Damn. Sorta puts my Frankie Frame knock-knock jokes into perspective, no? Here's what Perigard said about she with lots-o-friends:

 "the longer she’s at the show, the more heads roll, and the exodus of top talent at this CBS serial has been astonishing."