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DAYS' Guy Wilson on Playing Will Horton: "I Feel a Great Sense of Responsibility"

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Guy Wilson takes over the role of Will Horton from the departing Chandler Massey this week on Days of Our Lives. In an interview with The Wrap, Wilson discusses the responsibility he feels in carrying on the popular role.

Chandler is a two-time Emmy winner for his portrayal of Will Horton. Was it intimidating to inherit the role from someone who had been so lauded for it?

You know, I wouldn’t say I was intimidated, but knowing that Chandler won those two Emmys, it shows that he created something very special. So more than a sense of intimidation, I feel a great sense of responsibility to carry that role forward. And I really feel that I have what it takes to do that, provided I work as hard as I can. So there was never a sense of anxiety or intimidation, and I certainly don’t feel a need to measure up  in terms of accolades or awards — certainly, those are always very exciting, but to me what matters most is just portraying the truthfulness behind the story of Will and Sonny. So knowing that Chandler did such an amazing job, and because he did such an amazing job, the groundwork is there. I just have to keep going in the direction that Chandler put it in. So if anything, he’s made my job easier, because he has established such an amazing character.

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