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Perkie's Observations: Morgan is Caught Between Two Mob Families and a Hard Place on GH

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Nathan introduces himself to Silas and says he has questions for the doctor. Silas wonders why Nathan would be interested in something that happened 20 years ago and tells him to call his lawyer. Nathan mentions he’s joined the PCPD and they’ll see a lot of each other.


Molly questions the state of Sam and Silas’ relationship. Sam wonders if Molly is upset. For Molly, it’s about Rafe being more involved in their lives.  Molly explains how Rafe is upset with her dating TJ. Sam tells her  she spoke with Rafe and is certain he’ll find a way to deal with his feelings. 

Rafe tells Anna about TJ witnessing what happened at the warehouse, but then feels regret about telling. Anna promises she’ll protect him and keep his name out of it. 

Sonny tells Shawn that TJ needs to leave town for his own protection.  Sonny feels Anna will question TJ, or the Jeromes will want to keep him quiet.  TJ doesn’t want to leave—or go to his mother’s—but Shawn and Sonny convince him. TJ asks to say to goodbye to Molly. 

Morgan wants out of the mob business, saying he shouldn’t have been at the warehouse. Julian warns Morgan can’t simply walk away. He wonders if Morgan is ready to walk away from Ava. 

Julian says Ava can’t be with their enemy’s son and Morgan can’t quit or they’ll be consequences. Morgan wonders if Julian will kill him, but Julian reminds him there are others, like Michael, his mother or Max, who can be gotten to. 

Ava asks for Carly’s help in appealing to Kiki. Carly wants nothing to do with Ava, accusing her of turning Morgan away from his family and brainwashing him.

Carly warns Ava if anything happens to Morgan, Ava will pay. Ava angrily tells Carly she’s made an enemy of her. Kiki and Michael arrive and overhear. 

Kiki is shocked at her mother and refuses her invitation to lunch, as she and Michael are meeting with Carly. Carly tells them she’s seeing Franco. 

Olivia stops by Franco’s room. At first, Franco thinks he’s seeing undead Heather. 

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Olivia doesn’t believe the tumor is to blame for Franco’s behavior. She thinks  it’s genetic.

Olivia mentions Steven Lars, but points out he had a conscience. Franco swears he feels terrible for all he’s done. 

Franco sees Heather again and yells at her to leave, which amuses Olivia. She promises to find a way to get Franco out of the hotel.

Michael is shocked at his mother’s announcement. He reminds her of all Franco has done. 

Carly blames it on the tumor. Michael is certain Franco is playing games. Jason wouldn’t approve. Franco arrives. 

Kiki reminds Michael of Franco saving him from drowning. Michael feels it was a show for Carly’s sake.

Michael declares he’s earned the right to hate Franco. Carly is lying to herself. 

Carly wants Michael to give Franco a chance. Michael says people don’t change and promises to make Franco pay if his mother gets hurt.   

Ava gets home and wonders about the tension between Morgan and Julian. Morgan assures her all is well. He’s loyal to the Jeromes. 

Nathan shows up at Sam’s door, introduces himself and asks to talk to her about Silas. 

Rafe tells Silas he’s done something wrong.     

TJ calls Molly to meet him and tells her he’s leaving and why. Before he gets a chance, Anna arrives

Franco worries he may hurt Carly, as Michael predicted. Carly knows he’s different and Michael will see it too. Carly’s heads out, but promises she’ll be back.  She doesn’t see Heather in the back of the elevator. 

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