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Perkie's Observations: Carly, You're In Danger Girl on General Hospital

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Nathan tells Sam he’s investigating Silas and wonders how well she knows him. Sam lets him in, but quickly realizes Nathan knows all and is fishing for information. Nathan asks about their relationship and Sam decides it’s time for him to leave. Nathan mentions Silas is married. 


Sam doesn’t believe him and asks for proof, something Nathan doesn’t have with him. Sam feels his questions were all a ploy to get her to doubt Silas. Nathan warns her about Silas. Sam remembers Ava doing the same. 

Anna questions TJ about the shooting. Shawn claims the only ones there were Sonny and Max. Anna knows there was a gun battle between Sonny and Julian and TJ was there. 

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Anna asks if TJ is denying it.  Shawn quickly says she needs to talk to his lawyer. Anna accepts this, but reminds them TJ is a person of interest and not to leave town. 

Rafe explains to Silas how he turned TJ in to the cops. He's worried his rival might be in danger, all because Rafe wanted TJ away from Molly. Silas offers to call Anna, who tells him TJ is fine. No one knows Rafe was the one who told. 

Rafe claims he doesn’t want to be this jealous guy, but he has feelings for Molly. Silas says Molly has made her choice. 

Ava is happy Morgan is back to his old self. Julian asks to speak with Morgan alone and tells him he needs to be able to count on Morgan. Morgan says he doesn’t want his family hurt. Julian understands since he feels the same about Sam. 

Morgan explains how he ran into Sonny at the hospital and his father thinks he’s quitting. Julian decides it’s better if Morgan works for the Jeromes from inside his father’s organization. He wants Morgan to cut ties with Ava to sell it. Morgan agrees to spy on his father for Julian. 

Carly looks for Michael at the restaurant, but finds Sonny instead. She admits she’s seeing Franco and swears he isn’t the person he used to be. Sonny believes Franco is a sick freak. Carly insists he's changed since having the tumor removed. Sonny compares her recklessness to Morgan, which angers Carly. 

Carly wonders why Sonny is covering for the Jeromes in Max’s shooting. She realizes he’s covering for Morgan. Sonny feels he got through to Morgan. Their so will come back to his family. 

Sonny wonders if Franco is worth possibly losing Michael. Carly is certain Michael will come around. Sonny warns Franco is dangerous and she could get hurt. 

Ava runs into Franco and laughs at him about his new found parentage. Franco is worried about his relationship with Carly, which surprises Ava.  Ava explains how Carly got nasty with her when she asked for help with Kiki. Franco warns her to stay away from Carly, or she’ll answer to him.

Ava doesn’t take kindly to the threat and says she isn’t afraid of Franco. If Carly messes with her, she’ll get it back.   

Nathan checks in with Anna. He tells her  he’s making progress with the Silas case. 

Morgan tells Sonny he’s out of the Jerome organization.

Silas stops by Sam’s to talk about Rafe. She asks about his wife. 

Heather catches up with Carly, as she’s leaving Sonny’s.