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Ex-One Life to Live Scribe Sues ABC For Alleged Unpaid Royalties

Disney's legal team must keep Antacids on hand, thanks to all of the soap opera-related lawsuits they have to defend. Former One Life to Live co-head writer Alison "Sam" Hall is suing over royalties he claims he's due following OLTL airing on Hulu, iTunes and OWN.


According to the suit Hall filed Tuesday in New York, he struck a deal with ABC to receive a $1,000 weekly royalty check for as long as OLTL was being broadcast. Hall alleges he hasn't received a payment since Jan. 13, 2012. 

The writer claims he is entitled to the sum of $50,000, due to OLTL being brought back for a time by Prospect Park, which aired the soap online and on Oprah Winfrey's cable channel. This dude wrote for OLTL from 1978-84 and was still getting a grand a week almost three decades later? I want his agent!

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