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Perkie's Observations: Terror, Thy Name is Heather on General Hospital

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Sam asks if Silas is married and he admits he is. She’s angry she trusted him. She allowed herself to be intimate with him, only to be made the other woman. She wants him to leave.  Silas explains he met Nina when he was 18, but she’s been in a coma for more than 20 years.

Silas says he was having an affair with Ava and Nina found out. She tried to commit suicide and ended up in a coma. He says her parents refused to let him see her and he hasn’t.  Sam understands, but wonders why this would make the police suspicious.   

Ava wonders what happened to Morgan. Julian tells her he sent the boy to spy on his father. Ava feels this is too dangerous. Sonny will still be suspicious and she and Morgan are still in a relationship.  Ava gets angry when Julian tells her  he ended the fling and Morgan was fine with it.  Ava wants to call Morgan, but Julian stops her and warns he’ll need to deal with her as well. 

Ava’s angry about the threat, reminding him she’s not his lackey. She’s a Jerome and his partner. Julian points out that he’s in charge. Ava tells him to follow through on the threat next time, because she will. 

Morgan claims he’s done with the Jeromes, but is surprised when Sonny is hesitant. Sonny is surprised Morgan was allowed to walk away. Sonny thinks Morgan now has a target on his back. 

Morgan says he had no idea things would get so out of control. He begs his father’s forgiveness. Sonny is angry Morgan nearly dismantled everything he’s worked for, but promises they’ll get through this together. 

Heather drags Carly back to her house at gunpoint. Carly assures her that they’re alone. Carly doesn’t believe Heather will kill her. Heather admits she’s wanted to do it for months. Carly says Franco will never forgive her. Heather explains how Franco stabbed her himself and buried her alive. 

Heather dug herself out and went to the ER. She wants to finish the job she started. Carly tells her to go to the police and tell them what Franco did, but Heather feels the best way to make Franco suffer is to kill Carly. 

Lucy and Kevin are ready for a night out, until she spots Scotty. Lucy becomes nervous. She gushes over Bobbie, who wonders what Lucy is up to. 

Franco runs into Scotty, who still wants nothing to do with his son. Franco spots Lucy and mentions her. Scott says he’s not talking about her. Scott tells Lucy he loves her and wants her back. Lucy is trying to mend things with Kevin.    

Kevin reminds Franco he missed an appointment and his therapy is important, especially after what Franco did to his mother.  Franco claims he killed Heather to protect Carly.  Kevin warns him not to miss another appointment

Lulu tells Luke she left Dante and has been staying at Carly’s. Luke understands it’s because Dante refused to lie. Lulu admits she can’t get past it. Bobbie mentions she hasn’t told Lucas about Julian yet and worries because Julian has been asking questions. 

Nathan introduces himself to Dante, who’s surprised he’s getting a new partner. The two hit it off, both being from New York. Dante wonders why Nathan has transferred. Nathan explains about Silas. He believes Silas caused the overdose. He was trying to kill his wife. 

Franco stops by Carly’s, but Heather forces her to keep quiet. Carly begs Heather not to do this. Heather vows Carly won’t get out of this alive. 


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