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Perkie's Observations: Robin Reconnects With Sonny on General Hospital

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Patrick wonders when Robin will come back to work. With Monica out, Robin has a decent chance at the chief of staff position. Robin is more interested in catching up with people, as she runs into Sonny. 

Sonny is thrilled to see Robin. The two hug, then discuss what happened to Jason and how they both miss him.  Robin is sad she didn’t get to say goodbye and wasn’t there for Sonny. 

Sonny tells her Jason would want her to be happy, then mentions AJ.  Robin is surprised to hear AJ is alive.  Sonny tells her about AJ killing Connie. 

Carlos overhears Sabrina begging Felix not to tell Patrick anything about her pregnancy. Sabrina tells him she won’t be letting Patrick in on the news. Carlos feels Patrick has a responsibility and Robin will have to deal with it. 

Sabrina says she won’t be an obligation. Carlos asks if she’s planning on having an abortion. Sabrina admits she’s thought about it, but it’s not what she wants.  She thinks she should have the baby out of town and give it up for adoption.  Carlos tells her they can raise the baby together. 

Ava stops by the restaurant to see Morgan, upset with him for letting Julian break them up. Morgan insists he’s doing what Julian wants. Ava thinks their relationship meant nothing, if it’s so easy for him to walk away. Morgan swears it’s the last thing he wants. The two kiss. 

Michael stops by his mother’s house, only to have Bobbie tell him Carly didn’t come home.  Michael thinks she spent the night with Franco. Bobbie is upset to hear who Carly is dating. 

Franco runs into Kiki and asks about Carly, since she was going to see Michael. Kiki tells him Michael and his mother never connected, but Michael was going to her house today. 

Heather’s holding Carly in the Quartermaine boathouse, certain no one will find them there.  AJ shows up outside. Carly makes a noise to get his attention.  Before AJ can get into the boathouse, Michael finds him and the two head off. 

Carly tells Heather people will come looking for her. Heather says she’s written a goodbye letter and all Carly has to do is sign it. 

Bobbie is not happy to see Franco when he gets to Carly’s house. She’s surprised when he tells her he hasn’t seen Carly since the day before.  Bobbie decides to head to the PCPD and let them know Carly is missing.  Franco decides to stay behind in case Carly returns. 

Sonny’s angry when AJ arrives at Kelly’s with Michael. He reminds Michael the only reason AJ is alive is because of Michael.  Michael stops the fighting and Sonny storms off.  Robin is thrilled to see AJ. The two share a hug before she leaves. AJ decides to leave as well. 

Kiki asks Michael how things went with Carly, but he says Carly spent the night with Franco.  Kiki says Franco hasn’t seen Carly since yesterday.  The two head to Carly’s, where Michael confronts Franco. 

Morgan tells Ava he can’t let her go, but needs to listen to Julian.  Ava tells him no one needs to know  they’re still seeing each other. Sonny arrives and catches the two together. 

Heather gets Carly’s signature and leaves, as AJ returns to the boathouse.

Patrick spots Felix at work and asks about Sabrina.  Felix nervously brushes him off and Patrick realizes he’s hiding something.  Felix tells Patrick to talk directly to Sabrina, but Patrick wants to know what’s going on so he can help. 

Robin arrives as Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina is pregnant.

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