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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Realizes Carly is Missing on General Hospital

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Sonny catches Morgan and Ava and thinks Morgan’s playing him. Morgan is quick to cover by telling Ava he’s never been into her and she needs to get over it and leave him alone. Ava leaves and Morgan swears to his father he’s done with both Ava and Julian. 


Michael accuses Franco of doing something to Carly. Franco swears he last saw Carly at the Metro Court. Franco explains Carly was heading to Sonny’s restaurant when she left him. He swears he’d never hurt her.  Michael heads out, while Kiki stays with Franco. 

Monica finds AJ at the boathouse. Heather realizes this and ducks back in.  Monica accuses AJ of drinking and drags him away. Heather tells Carly she’s going to put her letter in Franco’s room at the hotel and heads out. 

Shawn warns Julian away from TJ. Julian claims he’ll go to the police, but Shawn points out the downside to his plan. Shawn warns him off again before leaving. 

Robin is shocked to hear Sabrina is pregnant. Felix explains Sabrina wanted to keep it a secret and not trap Patrick.  Patrick apologizes to Robin, but she says she knew everything was too good to be true and was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Patrick swears this won’t come between them. 

Carlos suggests Sabrina leave town with him and he wikk help her raise the baby.  He wants to get away from the Jeromes, and feels they can go back to Puerto Rico and get a fresh start. 

Franco asks if Kiki believes  he had nothig to do with Carly’s disappearance. Carly is the best thing to happen to him and he swears he’d never hurt her. Kiki decides its possible Ava had something to do with it. 

Michael is surprised to find Morgan at the restaurant. Sonny says he and Morgan have resolved their differences.  Michael tells them Carly is missing.  Sonny tells them Carly came to the restaurant looking for Michael and things got heated between them before she left. 

Michael is certain Franco is involved. Morgan remembers Julian’s threat and storms off. Michael wonders if Morgan is really finished with the Jeromes. Sonny thinks he got through to his youngest son.  

Monica and AJ return to the boathouse. Monica asks when the drinking started again. AJ explains the verdict set him off.  Carly makes a noise to get their attention, but Monica is more focused on her son.  AJ believes he got away with murder and wants to either stay drunk or die. 

Monica promises he will die if he keeps drinking. She wants him to attend a meeting. AJ feels the meetings are useless. Monica tells him to do it for Michael. 

Robin runs into Felix. He apologizes, but felt Patrick had a right to know the truth. 

Carlos continues to try and convince Sabrina to leave.  Patrick comes knocking at the door. 

Morgan confronts Julian about Carly. Franco and Kiki confront Ava. 

Franco finds the letter in his room. Heather returns to the boathouse and pulls out her knife, ready to kill Carly. 

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