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SPOILERS: Dylan And Avery's Search Leads Them Into Danger On The Young and the Restless

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Dylan/Avery: The legal vixen has a late New Year's Eve private party for herself and Dylan. As Avery tries to set a romantic mood, she notices her man is a bit preoccupied. Dylan confesses he met Ian’s wife, and reveals what she had to say about the pervy cult leader. Avery tells Dylan she will ride shotgun when he heads out to find Ian, but he shoots her down.

Avery starts to believe she and Dylan may not be able to capture what they once had. Watch for the couple’s quest to find out more about Ian to become a dangerous one.

Victor: Mr. Mumbles is not thrilled with his eldest son canoodling with Sharon.

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Dylan/Nikki/Paul: The socialite is still troubled by her war veteran son's quest to find out more information on his bio dad. Nikki tells Paul how she's frightened Ian still hasn't changed his ways, and will hustle Dylan to join his schemes. Paul encourages Nikki to have faith in Dylan, and believes the lad will see right through Ian's bull.

Just as Paul gives Nikki a friendly hug, Cricket walks in and is taken aback by what she sees. Once Nikki leaves, Cricket is a bit stand offish with Paul.

Later, Nikki stops by to see Dylan, and once again voices her fears about him finding Ian. She pleads with him to give up the search. Dylan implores to Nikki he needs to find out more about Ian. Look for Nikki's fears about Ian to become a reality.

Billy/Kevin: The two team up and figure out who is responsible for Delia's hit and run.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins get yet another package that leaves them terrified