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Perkie's Observations: Does Nathan Have The Goods on Silas on General Hospital?

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Carly tries to call for help, after Heather removes her gag. When that doesn't work, she begs Heather not to kill her. Carly appeals to the mother in her.  Heather agrees they both have sons; but her children have turned their backs on her. She needs to punish Franco for it. 


 Silas confronts Nathan at the station. Dante stops the fight and warns Silas he should cooperate rather than be arrested for assaulting an officer. Silas agrees, if Nathan promises to leave Sam alone.

Patrick asks Sabrina if she’s pregnant and admits he heard about it from Felix. Sabrina admits she is, but swears she found out after he’d gone back to Robin.  Patrick promises she won’t be alone.  Carlos comes out and declares the baby is his. 

Alexis asks Sam if she and Silas are getting serious. Sam explains about Silas being married and how she found out.  Sam is certain Silas had nothing to do with his wife’s coma. Alexis wonders why the police would still be investigating it. Sam assures her she believes Silas' story. 

Michael pleads with Dante to help him find Carly. He's scared Franco has done something to his mother. 

Morgan demands to know if Julian did something to Carly. Julian denies knowing anything about her disappearance.

Kiki asks her mother about Carly. Ava says her threats had been in the heat of the moment. 

Franco finds the letter Heather forged saying Carly had a change of heart about him and has left town for a few days. He shows Kiki the letter and she’s glad Carly is okay. 

Franco doesn’t understand. He thought things were going well with Carly and wonders why she’d suddenly change her mind.

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Kiki reassures him. Franco wonders why she’s being nice to him. Kiki says Ava lied to them both, but she still cares for Franco. 

Nathan questions Silas about his wife’s overdose. Was she depressed because Silas was cheating on her with Ava?

The NYPD transplant has a copy of Kiki’s birth certificate. He reminds Silas he denied any affair at the time. 

Nathan shows Silas a prescription for Nina’s antidepressants in liquid form with Silas’ signature.  Nathan accuses Silas of writing the prescription and giving it to his wife, so he would be free to run off with Ava.  Silas swears he never saw the prescription before. 

Michael and Dante come across Morgan with Julian in the parking lot.  Morgan claims he just happened upon Julian.  Julian leaves and runs into Ava, who’s still upset she and Morgan were forced to break up.  The siblings question one another about Carly.

Silas tells Sam what happened at the PCPD.  He swears he didn’t write the prescription. Someone forged his signature. Sam wonders if it could have been Ava. 

Nathan calls Ava down to the station for questioning. 

Franco decides he needs to find Carly and make her see reason, but doesn’t know where to start.  Kiki offers to help. 

Heather returns Carly’s car to the garage. The Corinthos boys find it, covered in blood.  Dante finds the keys on the ground and opens the trunk.