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Perkie's Observations: Franco's Prints Are Found on The Knife on General Hospital!

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Dante and Anna are waiting for forensics on the bloody knife to reveal Franco's prints on the evidence.  Anna asks about Nathan, and Dante vouches for the new detective. 

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Scotty warns Anna she needs to find Carly, and then spots Franco. Scott asks what Franco has done with her.  Franco swears he had nothing to do with Carly’s disappearance, and blames Ava.  Franco wants Scott’s help in turning the attention away from him.  Scotty finally agrees to ask Anna about other suspects. However, he threatens to hunt Franco down if he had anything to do with Carly being missing.

Lucy has a dream about being in bed with Scott and wakes up screaming, much to Kevin’s concern.  Lucy claims she was having a nightmare of the Nurse’s Ball and reassures Kevin she's fine. 

Sonny tells Shawn to continue looking for Carly.  Morgan eavesdrops, as Shawn questions how the Jerome’s let Morgan go free.  Sonny admits he thought Morgan had been sent back to get information, but is certain the gunfight saved them both. 

Nathan runs into Lulu when he stops by Carly’s to look at her computer.  He tells Lulu he’s Dante’s new partner, but she doesn’t tell him that she’s Dante’s wife.  Nathan searches Carly’s computer, and finds evidence of the letter written on it after she visited Sonny.

Lulu can’t believe Carly would have done a 180 and written that letter.  She feels Carly’s mind was made up about dating Franco, despite how everyone else felt.   Lulu explains how Franco tried to kill her, and Dante saved her. 

Michael gets angry with the hospital staff when he can’t find his mother.  Kiki stops Michael, and informs him Carly hasn’t been admitted.  Michael’s upset with Franco, but Kiki is just as quick to point the finger to Ava.  The two argue for a bit, but then decide to keep open minds. 

Bobbie stops by the PCPD for an update, and is angry when they have nothing new to report. She gives Carly's toothbrush to Dante so he can match it with the DNA on the knife.  Bobbie wonders why Franco hasn’t been arrested, but Anna tells her they are still collecting evidence. 

Morgan gives Sonny an update and worries about his mother, since he treated her badly the last time he saw her.  Sonny assures him Carly will be fine.  Duke arrives to speak to Sonny, and is introduced to Morgan.  Sonny tells him Duke is with them against the Jerome’s, but no one can know. 

Bobbie runs into Scotty and begs him to get Franco to confess.  Scotty feels he shouldn’t get mixed up in things, but Bobbie accuses him of trying to protect his son. 

Scotty checks back in with Anna, who still hasn’t gotten the forensics.  He wants them to be sure they check every possible suspect, including Ava, because he wants an airtight case when he goes to court. 

Franco visits Kevin and swears he didn’t kidnap Carly.  Kevin reminds Franco he’s capable of murder. Kevin warns if Franco were responsible, he would have to come forward about Heather.  Franco tells Kevin about the letter, and how he thinks everything was staged to make it look like he was to blame. 

Lucy runs into Felicia and tells her about her dream of Scott.  Felicia admits she sometimes has dreams about Frisco.  Then, Lucy admits she and Scott slept together during a bad time with Kevin.  Felicia wonders if Lucy wants a repeat.  Lucy’s happy with Kevin, but Scott wants her back.  Felicia asks how she feels about Scott and Kevin, as the two men arrive.

Franco runs into Michael and Kiki, and decrees he didn’t hurt Carly.  Michael agrees to keep an open mind until there is evidence against him. 

Anna tells Dante the blood on the knife was Carly’s, and the fingerprints were Franco’s.