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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Love ShAck, Baby!”

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On this week’s Pretty Little Liars, the girls immediately started decoding Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) journal.  Essentially, Alison's words were a burn book full of nasty blind items.

After they figured out “Girl Crush,” “Suzy Clueless,” “Human Cheat Sheet,” and “Cradle Robber” were them, Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Hanna (Ashley Benson) had to attempt to figure out who “Board Shorts” was.  They also read about a Busy Bee Inn, where they thought Ali might be hiding. 

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The girls set off on a road trip to the inn, but never made it there after “A” tampered with the car.  Aria took them to hide out at Ezra’s (Ian Harding) cabin in the woods, while they waited for Hanna’s cute, new love interest Travis to tow the car. 

Aria neglected to tell the girls she and Ezra were back together, even though she and Jake were still dating.  Aria told them they were at some random uncle’s cabin. 

Unfortunately, she was telling Ezra everything.  Meanwhile, he was acting extremely creepy.

Mr. Fitz made up an excuse to go over to Hanna’s house, and then ransacked Hanna’s room when her mom was distracted.  He was looking for the journal, and ended up being angry when it wasn’t there. 

After the girls were locked out of the living room of the cabin, “A” came in and stole the journal.  Luckily, Spencer had taken some photos of the pages, but now “A” knew about Ali’s connection to the Busy Bee Inn, as well. 


Although something’s definitely off about Ezra, the fact that the series never shows him as “A” makes it seem like it’s all been a red herring.  If it was Ezra, why always show a nondescript person in a black hoodie doing the bad deeds?

Hanna confessed Ali had blackmailed her about hooking up with Aria’s brother Mike.  I wonder if this could lead to a full-blown romance.  I always wanted to see more of Mike, but that boy will never get any screen time unless he starts dating one of the girls! 

Aria felt it was no big deal, and Hanna confessed it wasn’t the only thing bothering her.  She told them about Caleb dumping her for another girl. 

Spencer suspected her father might have rekindled his affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis.  The duo informed Spencer her father was just giving Mrs. DiLaurentis legal help on her divorce.   When Spencer couldn’t promise to obey her father’s wishes and stay away from Mrs. DiLaurentis, Spencer packed a bag and moved in with Toby. 

Alison either visited Emily, or it was all another dream meeting.  The girls were more determined than ever to find out who was behind everything. Although, they wondered why they’d actually want to help Alison, since she was always so horrible to them. 

Personally, I think they should just turnover whatever they have to the police, and ignore Ali and “A” altogether!

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