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ABC Moves to Prevent Prospect Park From Extending Soap Opera Licenses

Mickey Mouse is fighting back against Prospect Park. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney-ABC doesn't want the production company to be able to extend their rights to All My Children and One Life to Live.

As part of the $95 million lawsuit Prospect Park brought against ABC, the firm wants "a declaration that Prospect Park's continued payment of the licensing fees under the Agreement is excused; that Prospect Park is entitled to an extension of the License Agreement; and that the term of the License Agreement is tolled, from the time of ABC's breach until the breach is fully remedied."


Disney's representative countered stating, "Here, Prospect Park is not asking this Court to resolve an unsettled question by interpreting the Agreement," says the network's papers. "Instead, it is doing the exact opposite: asking this Court to rewrite the contract to unsettle something that parties have already firmly determined -- the term of the License."

According to the licensing agreement, Prospect Park holds the rights to AMC and OLTL for up to 15 seasons of 12 calendar months each unless Prospect ceases production for 18 consecutive months. Since Prospect Park ceased production on the soaps in September 2013, they have until March 2015 to resume production—under the initial pact—or rights would revert back to ABC.

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ABC also addressed Prospect Park's claims of misuse of the characters licensed to General Hospital.

Prospect Park exercised its Option for both OLTL and AMC in December 2012, and the parties subsequently entered into two additional amendments to the License Agreement, which each extended Prospect Park's time to begin production of the shows and gave ABC continuing use of the OLTL characters on [General Hospital]."