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Perkie's Observations: Heather Reveals Her Gruesome Plans For Carly on General Hospital

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With the evidence from the knife, Anna and Dante decide Franco must have killed Carly. They wonder if the evidence is enough to bring Franco in.  Anna feels it’s not enough to satisfy Scotty, who won’t want to lose another high profile case. 

Franco finds Sonny waiting for him in his room. Sonny wants to know if Franco is responsible for Carly’s disappearance. Franco claims someone is trying to frame him. Sonny doesn’t agree. He believes Carly heard what he told her and acted on it. 

Franco doesn’t believe Carly was going to leave. Things were good with them.  He swears he’s different now, because of his love for Carly. Sonny questions who wrote the letter, if Carly didn’t. 

Sonny accuses Franco of torturing people. Franco again swears he’s not capable of hurting Carly.  Sonny promises Franco will suffer if he’s responsible. 

Ava questions Julian, who claims he had nothing to do with Carly. Ava points out Sonny is distracted right now and vulnerable. Julian is thinking more about Bobbie and explains her son is his son. 

Julian got suspicious when he saw Bobbie get the call from Lucas and looked into it. He found out Lucas was his son. 

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Ava points out Sam has already rejected him and not to get his hopes up for this new child. Julian just wants to be a better father than his father was. He feels he has a right to get to know Lucas.    

Heather brings Carly food. Carly asks why she cut her arm. 

Heather explains she needed blood to frame Franco for murder. Carly is certain Franco won’t believe she wrote the letter. Heather is certain the police will. 

Carly pleads with Heather to end this now. She can still have a relationship with Franco. Heather feels it’s too late. 

Liz and Nikolas apologize to one another for not spending time together during the holidays. Liz admits there’s tension with Britt, but she doesn’t want to take her relationship with Nikolas for granted. 

Liz asks if he’ll join her and the boys for some skating, something Nik is not interested in. The two joke about it until Nik gets a call from Britt and heads out.   

Bobbie tells Lulu she needs to call Lucas and let him know what’s happening. She’s still afraid Julian will find out the truth about Lucas.  

Dante and Anna go over Carly’s timeline with Nathan.  Their theory has Carly deciding to break things off with Franco, following her talk with Sonny. They surmise she wrote the letter and dropped it off under Franco’s door. Franco then found the letter, got angry, chased Carly down to her car and killed her with the the knife. 

Dante wonders how Franco would have had the knife. Anna counters Carly would have carried it for protection. Dante wonders how Franco could have been so sloppy as to drop the knife at the scene. 

Dante is also concerned about the missing security footage from the night. Anna wonders where Carly’s body is. 

Heather explains how she erased the hotel security footage. Franco will have no idea she’s the one framing him until his life is over. Carly wonders what Heather’s plans are for her. Heather says when she’s done, she’ll give the police Carly’s body.