SPOILERS: Billy Learns The Truth About Delia on The Young and the Restless!



Billy/Adam: After teaming up with Kevin, Billy begins to zero in on what really happened to Delia. As Adam races to leave town with Chelsea and Connor, will Billy finally avenge his daughter?

Dylan/Nikki/Ian: The war vet finally meets his bio dad, Ian Ward. Will Ian lead Nikki and Dylan down the wrong "Path"?

Nikki/Summer: Like grandmother, like granddaughter isn't necessarily a good thing.

Abby/Tyler: The duo continues to be stalked by a mystery woman. Look for Abby's cell phone to go missing.

Sharon: The troubled vixen is visited by Cassie once again over her actions surrounding Summer. Will Sharon finally tell Nick the truth?

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins find key evidence which may get Fen off the hook for Carmine's murder.