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Perkie's Observations: Luke Finds Carly on General Hospital!

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Heather’s upset the police haven’t arrested Franco and wonders if they didn’t find the bloody knife. Carly tells her the plan isn’t working and to cut her losses. 

Carly says Heather should tell the police Franco tried to kill her, but Heather reminds her she’s supposed to be safely locked up.Heather decides to reach out to Michael. 

Anna wants an arrest warrant for Franco but Scott feels the evidence isn’t solid. Anna accuses Scott of protecting his son. Scott says he won’t be embarrassed like he was with AJ’s trial. Scott wants Carly’s body. 

Anna claims they can go to trial without a body. Franco needs to be off the streets.  Scott declares he’s the boss and he makes the decisions. Anna says she’ll talk to the mayor. 

Silas thanks Sam for believing in him. Sam maintains Ava is responsible for his wife's coma. She plans to investigate. Franco interrupts, saying he has a job for Sam. 

Sam has no intention of working for Franco, but he says it’s to find Carly. Silas goes to bat for Franco, saying this time he may be innocent.

Sam asks why she should believe Franco. He accuses Ava of threatening Carly. Sam ultimately says no to Franco, so he heads to the PCPD. 

Julian tells Ava he’s going to Seattle to find Lucas and wants her to keep an eye on things in Port Charles. They find his office boxed up and Sonny waiting for them. Olivia arrives declaring she’s now co-owner of the hotel and as such, has decided to evict Julian for his criminal activities. 

Ava points out to Sonny they’re supposed to have a code of honor. He’s quick to remind her of all her family’s done to him.

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Ava is certain they can be civil, but Sonny isn’t interested. Ava warns he should be careful, since Carly is  missing and Connie’s killer wasn’t brought to justice. 

Luke offers Bobbie reassurances Carly will be found safely. Both are surprised when Lucas arrives.

 Lucas wants to help find Carly. Bobbie is desperate to get him out of Port Charles, because of the Julian factor.

 Luke tells his sister she needs to come clean with Lucas. His biological father is alive. Bobbie tries, but doesn’t tell Lucas anything.   

Tracy argues with AJ about the newspaper. He distracts her by telling her their are raccoons in the boathouse. 

Tracy wants him to get rid of the rodents, but he refuses.  She asks Michael to do it, but he balks as well. Tracy heads off to see if Alice will do it. 

Michael talks about AJ’s drinking, saying he’s glad Monica talked him into going to a meeting.  Michael begs his father not to drink, since he’s already worried about Carly and doesn’t want to worry about AJ as well. 

Heather calls Michael and claims she’s someone who works at the PCPD. She tells him the knife has been found, but the D.A. is holding up the investigation. 

Michael heads off to the police station.  AJ suddenly has a memory of the night Connie died.  He remembers someone arriving on the elevator.

Julian runs into Sam, who wants nothing to do with him. Julian wants to talk about his son. Sam refuses to discuss it and walks out, running into Lucas. 

At the PCPD, Michael yells at Scotty for not arresting Franco. Scott thinks Anna leaked the evidence, but she denies it. 

Michael says he’ll hold a press conference and destroy Scott’s career. Franco overhears, as Michael accuses Scotty of covering up his son’s crimes.  Scotty tells Anna to arrest Franco. 

Tracy is still looking for someone to get rid of the raccoons when Luke shows up.  He promises to deal with the issue. 

Luke heads down to the boathouse and stumbles across his niece.