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SPOILERS: Nikki Reunites With Her Baby Daddy on The Young and the Restless!

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Ian/Nikki/Dylan/Avery: When will folks in Genoa City learn to let sleeping cult leaders lie? Dylan and Avery fake being a married couple to infiltrate Ian Ward's self help center, The Path. Will they get the answers they're looking for? Back home in Genoa City, Nikki receives the shock of her life.

Adam/Chelsea:  Adam is hellbent on getting married in Paris, so he can skip town before having to face Billy's wrath. A clueless Chelsea wants to get married before they head for Paris. Adam decides he can have his cake and eat it too. Will the two get married by a Justice of The Peace before ditching town?


Billy/Adam: Armed with a gun and the truth about what happened to his daughter, the Abbott playboy goes searching for Adam. Look for the in-laws to take one helluva road trip!

Abby/Tyler: The duo continues to be tormented by their stalker.

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Neil/Leslie/Gloria/David Tutera: What better way to get his intended bride in the marital mood than by bringing in a celebrity wedding planner. You know Gloria will be all up in this mess!

Lauren/Michael: The Baldwins should have lunch with Abby and Tyler. They can trade stalker stories! Look for the lawyer and the department store queen to receive yet another mystery gift.