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Perkie's Observations: Dr. Obrecht is Named Chief of General Hospital!

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Luke is surprised to find Carly in the boathouse and starts to untie her. Carly tells him  Heather is responsible.  A gun-wielding Heather arrives, angry with Luke for messing with her plan. 


Heather says she’s worked too hard to let Luke mess with up everything. Luke hits her arm with his golf club and manages to get the gun from her. Before he can call the police, Heather’s goons knock him out. 

Lucas re-introduces himself to Sam and the two share a hug. Lucas wants a relationship with his sister. Julian arrives and reminds Sam he’s her father and not to run from him. Lucas is confused since Sam’s father is dead. Julian introduces himself, alive and well.  Lucas admits he’s Julian’s son. 

Julian is thrilled to meet his son and wants to make up for lost time. He tries to hug him, but Lucas isn’t thrilled and Sam stops him.  Lucas leaves and Julian is upset. Sam reminds him she wants nothing to do with him and will support Lucas if he feels the same way. 

Anna promises Michael she’ll bring Franco in. She's glad he applied pressure on Scott.  Franco overhears and runs off. 

Tracy tells Monica about the raccoon problem and that Luke is dealing with it.  Monica tells her she’s been called to the hospital for a board meeting and thinks she's to be reinstated. 

Tracy saw the list and Monica’s name wasn’t on it. Monica filed a petition to be reinstated and is certain she’ll get her job back. 

Felix apologizes to Sabrina for spilling the beans to Patrick, but still feels he did the right thing. He’s then surprised when Patrick mentions Carlos is the baby’s father. Sabrina explains to Felix what happened with Carlos. Felix accuses Sabrina of being worst than Britt. 

Sabrina says it’s her decision and asks that he go along with it, as her friend. Felix thinks she’s making a mistake. Sabrina feels she’s doing what’s best for everyone. Liz overhears Felix promise he won’t tell anyone Patrick is actually the father. 

Alexis drops off papers for Sonny to sign and reminds him she only works for his legitimate business. She wants nothing to do with his fight with Julian.  Sonny promises he’ll take care of Julian. 

Silas tells Kiki about his comatose wife. She realizes she’s the result of an affair.

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Silas assures her he doesn’t regret fathering her. Kiki thanks him for being honest. Silas gets called to the hospital for a board meeting. 

Franco arrives. He begs Kiki to hide him. He swears he didn’t hurt Carly. Kiki is the only one who believes in him. Michael arrives. 

Michael tells Kiki about the knife with Carly’s blood and Franco’s prints, as Franco hides. Michael can't believe his mother thought Franco was safe.  Kiki admits she has to tell him something. 

Anna searches for Franco at the hotel, but doesn’t find him.  Scott wonders if Franco is gone. Anna assures him she’ll catch his son.  Anna gets a call that upsets her. 

Tracy worries about Luke. She heads down to the boathouse and finds it empty. 

Silas runs into Britt, who explains she saw the list for Chief of Staff. Both of their names are on it.  Patrick and Robin arrive, having also received a summons. 

Patrick is surprised at Britt’s presence. She admits she’s done wrong. 

Monica arrives and announces she's likely getting her job back. Britt thinks Silas would get it, seeing as he has no baggage.  The chairman of the board arrives to let them know who will helm the hospital.  Dr. Obrecht arrives and announces she’s the new Chief of staff.