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Perkie's Observations: Carly Attempts to Break Free on General Hospital!

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The doctor’s are shocked when Dr. Obrecht announces her new position as Chief of Staff.  Robin accuses her of being a criminal, who should be in jail.   Britt wonders how her mother managed to escape and bamboozle the hospital board. 

Robin lunges Dr. O, but Patrick quickly pulls her off.  The board is upset at Robin’s behavior, until she reminds everyone Liesl is the one who kidnapped her in the first place.

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Dr. O assures everyone she was released by the WSB, and all the charges against her were dropped. In fact, her record has been cleared.  Britt questions why the hospital would hire her.  Dr. O has great plans for everyone. 

Patrick refuses to work with Liesl, and vows to quit if she stays. Dr. O counters by reminding Patrick he signed a contract, which stipulates he can't quit. The good doctor also informs Britt and Silas the same goes for them. Robin refuses to participate and storms off.  Dr. Obrecht reminds everyone they aren’t squeaky clean either. 

Anna tells Robert about Dr. Obrecht being released by the WSB.  Robert figures she must have had something big to trade.  Anna wonders if Liesl knows what they did to Faison, but Robert is certain he covered his tracks.  Anna hopes she isn’t in Port Charles.  Robert decides to speak to the WSB, and find out what’s going on. 

Heather drags Carly out to Wyndermere, and hides her in the stables. She's certain no one will find her.  Carly is sure Luke will return for her, since he knows the truth. However, Heather has taken care of Luke and taunts Franco will end up in prison. 

Michael wonders what Kiki has to tell him, and she mentions her visit with Silas.  Michael heads towards the closet Franco is hiding in, and Kiki quickly stops him. She comes up with an excuse for Michael to take a shower instead.  Franco comes out of hiding, and Kiki demands to know about the knife. Franco swears he’s being framed.  Kiki doesn’t want to hear anymore and sends him away, but Dante knocks on the door before Franco can exit.

Mac and Robert are concerned about a lovesick Emma, who says she needs to choose between Cameron and Spencer.  Robert claims she’s too young for boys, but Mac wonders whom she’d choose. 

Meanwhile, the boys argue over who will be Emma’s suitor. They ultimately decide she needs to make the decision.  Spencer asks Nik if Emma can come over for a play date, and Nik agrees.

Lulu visits Nik, and is thrilled to see Ben.  Nik asks about Dante, and Lulu admits they’re separated. She tells him all about their problems, and not being able to have a baby.  Nik feels it isn’t Dante’s fault. 

Liz tells Sabrina and Felix she overheard their previous conversation, and knows the truth.  Sabrina feels it’s in everyone’s best interest if Patrick doesn’t find out, and asks Liz to go along with it.  Liz refuses, and claims Patrick will want to be a part of his child’s life.  Sabrina thinks it will cause a rift between Patrick and Robin.  Patrick and Robin walk up; as Sabrina tells Liz no one can know the baby isn’t Carlos’. 

Dante tells Michael he has a warrant for Franco's arrest.  Michael complains Dante didn’t tell him about the knife.  Kiki stops their bickering.  Dante asks if Franco has been in contact with her.  When Kiki hesitates, Michael questions her. 

Britt is not happy with her mother’s announcement, despite Dr. O. wanting to breathe new life into their relationship.  Britt brings up her mother constantly threatening her with the truth about Ben.  Dr. O promises not to tell anyone about Ben, and give her a chance. 

Dr. O is certain Silas can find a way to work with her.  Silas replies if she doesn’t kidnap anyone he loves, he’ll be fine.  Dr. O offers Monica the head of cardiology position, and assures the board the staff will come around. 

Carly warns Heather her plan won’t work, and knows someone will find and save her.  She manages to untie herself and attack Heather, who’s quick to gain the upper hand. 

Spencer drags Cameron and Emma out to the stables to impress Emma.  Carly hears the kids and yells for help.