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TCA SCOOP: Revenge Hunk Barry Sloane on Aiden and Emily: "He Loves Her to The Point of Obsession"

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Revenge fans will have to wait until March to watch the next episode of the show. Fortunately Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden, shared some scoop on his character’s tortured romance with Emily (Emily VanCamp), his almost-bromance with Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and whether the primetime soap will get steamier when it moves to 10 pm EST.

Daytime Confidential: Emily gave Aiden the heave ho. Do you think she really loves him deep down, or does she love revenge more than she could ever love a man?

Barry Sloane: I think she went through quite a trauma finding out that she couldn’t have children and what you’re going to see in the next episodes is something’s not quite right and that’s all I can say. The break-up came out of the blue and that’s how Aiden took it, I don’t understand where this is coming from, and the next few episodes shed some light on that.


DC: Will Aiden rebound with his ex, Takeda’s daughter [Niko played by Stephanie Jacobsen], or is she just a temporary obstacle?

BS: It’s a double edge sword really because she’s obviously a very attractive woman, so he’s not going to be upset to have to do it, but also when he killed her father that’s important to keep insight. Those things need to be remembered as well. He’s going to save his skin.

DC: He and Jack have become allies but they’re both in love with the same girl. So where does that leave them?

BS: It’s difficult. I’ve loved working with Nick [Wechsler]. We didn’t work with each other at all last year. So I think those should unite with a common enemy, but they’re never going to get on. It’s a lot of macho stuff.

DC: How far will Aiden go to get her back? Emily’s put him through a lot.

BS: She’s the love of his life. He loves her to the point of obsession, as you’ve seen. We have to talk about them being like drug addicts really, but they just can’t give each other up. That’s going to be an interesting story going forward.

DC: Aiden’s gotten himself entangled with the Graysons before. Is he going to do it again?

BS: He’s more than capable. At this point let’s just say he’d do anything to help this along. If and when Emily decides she wants to start this again, he’ll be there for her.

DC: There have been some fun scenes of Aidan, Jack and Nolan being bros together. Will we see any more of those?


BS: I hope so. There’s been a few more scenes. I really enjoyed two episodes back when they were all together and working things out.  The more I work with these two guys, the better. I like it.

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DC: When, in your opinion, should the Graysons find out that Emily is David Clarke’s daughter?

BS: I don’t think they should find that out because if they do, she can’t get close to them. I think they may find out in the end, but I don’t want them to find out now.

DC: Emily went along with the Gryasons plan to claim that Lydia shot her. Is there a chance that Daniel could get exposed as the real shooter?

BS: One thing that’s interesting towards the end of this season is only once have Daniel and Aiden met and discussed what happened at the end of last season. When they get in a room together, that’s going to be an interesting scene.

DC: Does Josh Bowman (Daniel) envy you because he has to do an American accent while you get to stay British?

BS: He does his accent so well. I think it’s nice [to create an accent]. It can take you away from yourself a little bit. He’s actually American. He’s just lying and pretending to be English.

DC: Should fans root for Emily and Aiden to get back together?

BS: Absolutely. The more people want that to happen, the better. I think there’s fans for each couple.

DC: Can you tease anything about the upcoming episodes?

BS: We’re going to go inside Emily’s head a little. That will be interesting to witness. The show’s going to look different than normal, which is great.

DC: Was Emily permanently changed by getting shot, in your opinion?

BS: Yes! She’s got a bullet hole in her stomach. The thing is, her plan went wrong, and her plans don’t usually go wrong.

DC: But most of her plans are terrible. Jack’s plans work. Emily’s plans are so complicated that almost always go wrong.

BS: They’re so convoluted. I think they’re overthinking it, know what I mean?

DC: When the show moves to 10 pm, will we see Aiden cursing and butt naked?

BS: Maybe. Maybe not completely naked but, yeah.

Revenge returns to ABC with all-new episodes on March 9 at 10/9c.

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