Perkie's Observations: It's Prince Spencer, Emma and Cameron to The Rescue on General Hospital


Liz tells Patrick there's something he needs to know. He and Robin assume she's talking about Dr. Obrecht. Robin claims the doctor bought her freedom and decides to meet with Anna to discuss it.


Sabrina asks what it will take for Liz not to tell the truth. Liz insists the truth needs to be told. Scrubs marriage is strong enough to withstand it. Sabrina feels differently, especially now with Dr. Obrecht back in everyone's lives.  

The kids hear Carly yelling in the stables. They go in and find Heather. She claims she's the new stable person and what they heard was a wild creature. Spencer says he's there to find a weapon to duel Cameron for Emma's hand. Heather stops him from going into the tack room where, she has Carly tied up.  

Heather convinces Emma she needs to decide which boy she likes, and tells the boys to be creative in winning her over. Heather asks that none of them tell Nikolas about her, for fear she be fired.  

Dante questions whether Kiki has heard from Franco, as Franco hides in the closet. He sends Kiki a text, asking to meet her at Kelly's. Dante and Michael head out to intercept Franco.  Kiki tells Franco she hates lying to Michael, but believes someone is framing him. They need to find out who.  

Franco believes it's Ava. Kiki says she questioned her mother and believes it wasn't her. She asks about Franco's mother. He claims Heather is safely locked up.  Franco thanks Kiki for believing he's innocent.  

Britt explains to Nikolas and Lulu her mother is the new chief of staff.  Nikolas promises to fix it. Britt asks if Dante can help. Lulu says they're seperated.

Britt blames herself.  She encouraged them to try again and got their hopes up.  Britt tells Lulu to go back to her marriage and not let the infertility destroy them.  

Anna tells Robin and Patrick the WSB released Dr. Obrecht. She's upset justice wasn't done.

Robin explains about the new chief of staff and how she tried to strangle the crazy doctor.  She says she won't work for Dr. Obrecht, but Patrick has to. They ask Anna to find out how this happened.  

Anna tells them Dr. O's case is being handled by the highest ranks of the WSB. She's certain Liesl had information the WSB wanted, in exchange for her release.  

Dr. Obrecht informs Liz, Sabrina and Felix she's calling a meeting with the nurses, to let them know the new, stricter rules. She warns Liz not to leave her shift early and to make better childcare arrangements.  Dr. O tells Sabrina and Felix she'll be addressing their performances at a review.   

Dante and Michael don't find Franco at Kelly's.  Michael believes Franco is playing his games and creating false leads. Dante warns him not to fall for it. He wonders how Franco knew to send the text to Kiki when Dante was there.  

Michael refuses to believe Kiki would be helping Franco, especially once she heard about the knife. Dante isn't so sure, but promises to do everything to bring Carly home.  

Liz runs into Britt, while picking up Cam. She snarks about Dr. O being in charge. Liz feels mother and daughter are cooking something up together and believes Britt knew her mother had Robin hidden the whole time.  Britt denies  it and Nik arrives to break up the argument.  

The kids return and Nik demands to know where they were.  Spencer admits they were down at the stables. Nik warns them to stay away.

Michael gets back to the appartment, so Franco leaves by the window.  Michael asks Kiki if Franco contacted her. She denies it.  

Dante and Lulu run into each other. She tells him she's taking care of Bobbie, while waiting for word on Carly. Dante asks when she's coming home. He misses her.  He gets called away before they can really talk.  

Heather gets tired of Carly's constant attempts to escape and injects her with something.