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SPOILERS: Will Ian Ward Destroy The Newmans This Feb. Sweeps on The Young and the Restless?

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Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight and his lady love hit a rough patch, when his meddling is revealed. Will Ian use this opportunity to make his move?

Sharon: Her night out hits a stunning snag.

Colin/Jill: The vixen arrives back in Genoa City with the mob boss. Watch for her family and friends to be curious over their reuniting.

Stitch: He grills Kelly over her intentions.

Neil/Leslie: Will David Tutera give them the wedding of their dreams?


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Victor/Nikki/Ian: Trouble heads the Newmans way, after Mr. Money Bags makes a big decision. Nikki is stressed out by Ian's arrival. The cult leader decides to infiltrate her entire family. Watch for a loved one to be in grave danger because of Ian.

Stitch/Victoria/Billy/Kelly: Billy and Victoria’s marriage starts to get back on track, now that Delia’s killer has been revealed. Will Stitch and Kelly derail it? 

Nick/Sharon: The former high school sweethearts are growing closer every day, which is something Sharon has wanted from the get go. While Sharon is happy about her relationship with Nick, she still feels ashamed about Summer’s paternity change. Look for Sharon’s chickens to come home to roost.

Cane/Jill/Colin/Lily: The Ashbys marriage is strained when the mob boss arrives in town with Jill. Colin wants to repair the rift with his son, but will he do more harm than good? Meanwhile, Jill finally gets the last clue to Katherine’s tired music box.

Neil/Leslie: The couple’s wedding hits a snag. Watch for drama to follow the pair.

Jack: Will his obession with Victor leave any time for a new romance?

Fen/Summer: As the teens plan for their future, look for one of the friend’s to make the wrong life choice.

Noah/Courtney: The Newman heir is stunned when he find out the secret his girl is keeping. Think 21 Jump Street.

GC Gala: The rich and shameless turn up for a huge gala. Watch for a huge tragedy to strike at the event.