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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Betrays Sonny on General Hospital!

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Anna asks Nathan for an update on Silas’ case, and he informs her about the prescription. However, Silas refuses to give him a writing sample to compare.  Anna wants to shut down the investigation, so Nathan can begin working on current cases.  Nathan begs Anna to stay on his assignment, and offers to continue his work on his own time. Anna wonders why the case is so important to him. 

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Nathan swears Silas tried to murder his wife and wants to prove it.  Anna accuses him of losing sight of his priorities, and believes he needs to work on fresh cases.  She eventually relents, and gives him one more week to clear the case. 

Brad is shocked to see Dr. Obrecht at the hospital, and she informs him that she’s his new boss.  He comments about her stealing Lante’s embryos, and Liesl is quick to remind Brad he stands to lose a lot if the truth comes out. She advises him to take the secret to his grave. 

Felix arrives, and immediately interjects into Dr. O and Brad's conversation. He believes Dr. O is causing a hostile work environment.  After she leaves, Felix apologizes to Brad for butting into his life. Then, he asks Brad out on a date. Brad is thrilled, and agrees. 

Sam tells Silas she’s meeting with the former pharmacist about the prescription, in order to prove Ava tried to kill Nina.  Silas heads to the hospital, and Nathan is waiting for him.  Nathan stops the elevator and tells Silas to admit he tried to kill his wife. 

Silas refuses to confess to something he didn’t do, and tells Nathan to investigate Ava.  Dr. Obrecht isn’t happy the elevator was stopped.  Nathan informs Dr. O he’s investigating Silas, whose patients are in danger.  Dr. O is quick to defend Silas, and warns Nathan to stay away from her hospital. 

Britt doesn’t want to go to work, now that her mother is her boss.  Nik’s willing to support her decision, but doesn’t want her to give up. He feels it would only stroke her mother's ego.  He promises to look into it the new Chief of Staff. 

Julian catches Ava texting Morgan, and expresses his annoyance over Morgan's lack of information on Sonny. After their chat, Julian summons Morgan. 

Sonny tells Morgan that Duke is helping them set up Julian. They plan to use Carlos as bait to lure Julian to them, and Sonny will finish things. 

Sam mentions to Bobbie she and Lucas ran into Julian.  Lucas soon arrives, full of anger, because his mother did not tell him his father was alive sooner.  Bobbie claims she was trying to protect him, but Lucas reminds her that he’s an adult who can protect himself.   

Sam tells Lucas she was curious about Julian too, but has been disappointed.  She explains Julian started the mob war, and is hiding behind Danny.  Lucas feels it’s his decision if he wants to know Julian. 

Julian wants information from Morgan, and warns him what will happen if he doesn’t give him anything.  Morgan tells Julian that Duke is working for Sonny, and they plan on taking Julian out tonight. 

Anna’s surprised to find Duke and Sonny on the pier together.  Duke claims he was out at Wyndemere asking Nik for a job, and simply ran into Sonny.  Anna wants answers from Sonny about the warehouse shooting, but he’s sticking to his story. He wants to know why she’s not out finding Franco or Carly. 

Sam meets with the pharmacist and shows him a photo of Ava. 

Lucas runs into Brad at the hospital and comments Brad left before he woke up.  The two share a kiss. 

Nik visits Anna to ask about Dr. Obrecht.  Anna thanks him for seeing Duke about a job, but Nik informs her Duke wasn’t at Wyndemere. 

Morgan worries he’s gotten Duke in trouble, as Julian finds Duke on the docks.