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Perkie's Observations: Nathan West Cuffs Silas Clay on General Hospital

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Sam questions Mr. Nakamura, who admits he’d seen Ava around the hospital pharmacy all those years ago. Nathan arrives, so Sam steers the questions towards Silas and the prescription. Mr. Nakamura claims Silas was the one who filled the prescription not Ava.

Morgan feels responsible for what Julian will do to Duke. Ava tells him Julian is simply protecting himself and those he loves. She reminds Morgan he knew what he was getting into when he joined their family. 

Julian accuses Duke of working with Sonny and plans to shoot him, but is stopped by Shawn and Sonny. Julian realizes it was a set up. Sonny says he won’t kill him, but will give him a beat down. Duke does the honors. 

Brad is surprised by Lucas, who apologizes for coming on too strong. Lucas feels they made a connection and remembers them meeting at Jake’s the night before. 

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Turns out the two have plenty in common, with Brad’s bio father having run the Asian quarter and Lucas being Julian’s son. The two spent the night together. 

Lucy questions why Scotty turned on Franco and issued a warrant for him. Scotty puts the blame on Anna. Lucy wonders if Scotty thinks Franco is innocent. Scott admits he thinks Ava could be behind it, but there’s nothing he can do for Franco now. 

Scotty complains he’s alone now, but Lucy says she’s his friend. Scotty isn’t interested in friendship. He wants her. Lucy admits she dreams about him and the two make love. 

Mac is happy Kevin and Lucy are working on their marriage. He's shocked when Felicia admits Lucy and Scott slept together.  Felicia says Lucy swore it was a one-time thing and begs Mac not to say anything.   

After the lovemaking, Lucy is upset she let it happen again. Scotty tells Lucy her marriage is over. She needs to admit it to herself.

Lucy wants both Scotty and her marriage and doesn’t know what to do. Mac knocks on the door. Lucy hides, while Scotty opens it.  Mac punches Scotty in the face and tells him to stay away from Lucy. 

Silas arrives in time for Mr. Nakamura to identify him as the one who filled the prescription.  Silas denies it and wonders how sure the pharmacist can be after all these years. 

Silas thinks he’s being set up. Nathan must be manipulating the evidence.

Sam wonders why Mr. Nakamura didn’t call the police all those years ago. He says he didn’t want to get involved. 

Felix interrupts Lucas and Brad to ask details about the date. Brad tells Lucas he thought things weren’t going to happen with Felix, but now they are.  Lucas feels he still has a chance. 

Ava and Morgan are shocked when a bloodied Julian drags himself home. Julian explains it was a set up. Sonny is onto Morgan and fed him bogus information. Julian wonders if Morgan is a traitor to his father, or to him. 

Ava feels Sonny simply outmaneuvered them and they need to accept it.  She says Sonny won’t kill Julian, because of Danny. Julian wonders what Sonny will do to Morgan now that he knows the truth.  

Sonny’s upset to realize Morgan is still working for Julian.  He knew it was too easy for Morgan to get out and can’t believe Morgan set him up. Duke wonders what Sonny will do about it. 

Nathan stops Silas from leaving and places him under arrest.