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Is Chandra Wilson's General Hospital Character a Bailey Bot?

Mega soap fan Chandra Wilson is finally getting her dream appearance on ABC Daytime's General Hospital this Wednesday. How similar is Wilson's Port Chuck character, Tina, to Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Miranda Bailey? Here's what the actress told TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan


Oh, we definitely have some fun and pay a little tribute to Bailey. But Tina has her own set of troubles. She goes to see her shrink, Dr. Kevin Collins [Jon Lindstrom], for their usual appointment at the hospital, but he's not there. Instead, she finds Franco [Roger Howarth] in Dr. Collins' office and he's clearly up to no good. [Laughs] And he desperately wants Tina to go away!

Wilson also recalled her early acting days in New York and how she paid the rent via stints on the Gotham-based sudsers.

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TV Guide Magazine: Weren't you also on OLTL for a bit back in the day?

Wilson: I was recurring on that show for five episodes. I also did background work on Another World and All My Children. It's incredibly weird and sad that there are no more New York soaps. For a struggling theater actor, that was your bread and butter. We'd do a little something on each of the soaps, and we'd do all the Law & Order shows and also Cosby, then we'd have to wait for three years until we could get back on those shows again. But it sure helped pay the rent. That was back in the day when pounding the pavement was fun. If I lost my job on Grey's Anatomy I wouldn't know how to pound that pavement now. It's a whole new show business. Everybody's auditioning online. It's crazy.

My Bailey appeared on my Another World? Take me to the river, so I can be baptized. Be sure to watch Wednesday's episode of GH for Wilson's guest spot!

Photo credit: ABC