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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Forces Morgan to Give Up His Lady on General Hospital

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Morgan admits to Sonny he’s been working with Julian. Sonny accuses his son of betraying him.


Sonny says he had to test Morgan and he risked Duke’s life. Morgan tells him Julian threatened Carly and Michael. He didn’t want an innocent to die because of him. 

Morgan swears Julian wouldn’t let him walk away, so he did what Julian wanted.  He doesn’t know how to fix it. Sonny tells him he’s done with both Julian and Ava. 

Ava is angry with Julian for forcing Morgan to stay. Julian reminds her Morgan knew too much.

Julian brings up Silas and tells her he was arrested. Julian wonders if she framed Silas to get back at him.

Ava tells Julian he has no reason to trust Sam and says she won’t admit to anything.  Julian points out she didn’t deny it. 

Ava tells her brother if he hurts Morgan, she’ll come for him. He asks where Morgan is.  Ava admits he went to see Sonny, unarmed.  Julian says Sonny will either kill Morgan, or take him back — which means the end of her relationship. 

Anna tells Duke about Julian's declaration. She accuses Duke of playing her for a fool.

Duke admits he’s working with Sonny to take down Julian, in order to protect her.  Anna reminds him of their dea l— he stays on the right side of the law and out of the mob war.

Duke accuses the police of doing nothing about Julian. Anna angrily says she’s doing everything she can. 

She points out Julian hasn’t made a move against them. Duke is tired of being duped. He’s angry about being powerless.

Duke wants to be the man he was before. Anna says she loves the man he is, and tells him to stop working for Sonny. 

Duke says he needs to fight. He will continue until Julian is no longer a threat. 

Sam asks Dante for help regarding Silas’ arrest. Dante defends Nathan, saying he was doing his job. 

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Sam asks about Lulu. Dante tells her Lulu left him and why. Sam understands about losing a child and reassures him Lulu will come home. 

Lulu finds Nathan celebrating at The Rib. She asks how he likes working with Dante, then admits she’s Dante’s wife. 

Lulu explains why they’re apart. She admits she misses Dante, but feels she can’t go home because it reminds her of all that she’s lost. 

Lulu feels like a failure for not being able to give Dante a family. She thinks she’ll never be able to be with Dante again.

Nathan comforts a crying Lulu and promises things will be better. Dante sees them hugging. 

TJ is angry with Rafe for ratting him out. He believes he did out of jealousy.

Molly confronts Rafe, who admits it. She’s angry. Julian could have come after TJ.

Rafe apologizes and wants to continue to be friends. Molly refuses, so Rafe storms out. 

Morgan says his relationship with Ava has nothing to do with the business. What they have is real. Sonny doesn’t want to hear it. She’s in partnership with Julian. He orders Morgan to give her up. 

Ava doesn’t believe Morgan would break up with her. She's  certain he’ll come back to her. 

Julian wonders what exactly their relationship is now.  Ava receives a text from Morgan that they’re over. 

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