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Have The Pretty Little Liars Known 'Board Shorts' All Along?

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Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) sleuthing led her to her old dentist, which had also been Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. She knew something shady must have gone on with the records there, since that’s how police had identified Alison’s “body.” 

She made an appointment so she could gain access. Although she got the records concerning Ali and Labor Day, she also had to endure one of her ex’s mom bragging about him. Then, she got locked inside by accident, where “A” knocked her out and took advantage. 

The evil minion did shoddy dental work so he could implant a warning note.  It was a bit dramatic for another “Stop looking this time.  Seriously.  I mean it,” no?  Also, he got the only copy of Alison’s records.

“A” was also terrorizing Emily (Shay Mitchell) in a kind of Gaslight way. Her nerves were beyond frazzled, and even her dad, who’d come home on leave, noticed and was worried. Trying to help, her dad volunteered her to work on a special project with Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding). 

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Emily ended up getting locked in school alone at night, until “A” showed up to cause trouble.  Em called her dad for help, who rushed right over.  He literally went full-on Spiderman and scaled a building so he could free Emily from a room where she’d been trapped.  They got out of there just as a furious “A” busted in (of course only Em saw the assailant, however). 

Her hero dad collapsed right after.  It turned out he was really home from the army because of a heart condition he developed. 


Between schoolwork and spending all her time decoding Ali’s diary, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) had turned to popping pills to stay awake.  However, she did have a breakthrough on the journal front.  She thought Ezra was Board Shorts! 

The “evidence” was pretty flaky, but there was also a flashback that showed Ali and Ezra on a date.  Although, it was just Spencer filling in the blanks, so Board Shorts might not really be him after all.  In any case, Spencer’s convinced and she looked determined to find more proof. 

Aria (Lucy Hale) found out Mona (Janel Parrish) and her brother Mike (Cody Christian) were dating!  And besides looking like she wanted to vomm, she also wanted to see if there was more to the story.  It turned out Mona and Mike had gotten close through this support group they ran by their guidance counselor, Jesse (Wes Ramsey). 

Jesse seemed really nice when he spoke with Aria, but also maybe too nice, and a bit flirty?  He just seemed really interested in getting (an uninterested) Aria to join the group.  Or, maybe he was just interested in Aria—if you know what I mean. 

Elsewhere, Aria bumped into Ezra’s ex, Maggie (‎Larisa Oleynik), and they got into a verbal bitch fight.  Although a brief encounter, it made me wonder if everything with Maggie and her son had really all just been a ploy orchestrated by Ezra to manipulate Aria?  What do you PLL fans think?

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