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INTERVIEW: Grey's Anatomy's Gaius Charles on Ross and Yang — "People Are Already Yelling at Me on Twitter"

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Intern Shane Ross has had a terrible year on Grey’s Anatomy. He accidentally sent fellow intern Heather (Tina Majorino) to her death in the hospital’s flooded boiler room, then kept quiet about it until his guilt sent him spiraling into a nervous breakdown in the midseason finale. Gaius Charles previewed the fall out for his character and the future of his steamy relationship with Cristina (Sandra Oh).


Daytime Confidential: You’ve had a very big season on Grey’s this year. In the most recent episode, Ross finally had a breakdown over Heather’s death.

Gaius Charles: I think the fans were kind of like, “Come on, when is this guy going to crack?” So we get to see Shane really deal with all this [angst]  from the whole Heather storyline. That was really cool.

DC: What’s next for Shane?

GC: Well, the show comes back February 27. Really, the whole staff has to deal with the consequences. So it’s going to be very interesting. I think we’ll kind of see the consequences that may be quite severe. I think the audience will be really into what’s happening.

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DC: Will he continue to be Cristina’s boy toy?

GC: We’ll see where that goes, too. It’s going to be good. People are already yelling at me on Twitter. I’m like, it’s not me. It’s Shane. Separation of actor and character. But that’s great because it means people are really into the storyline.

DC: Shane turned into a bit of a megalomaniac, speaking for Cristina and taking over the 3D printer.  Was that side of him just a result f his guilt over Heather’s death, or is it the real Shane?

GC: That’s the deal with the culture of the hospital versus people’s personalities. The whole shark eating mentality, is that really going to work as a doctor? We’ll see how that continues to unfold throughout the season.

DC: Any hints about what happens at April’s wedding?

GC: All I can say is make sure that you’re tuned in on February 27.

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