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Perkie's Observations: Where Does Tina Know Franco From on General Hospital?

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Dante angrily breaks up Nathan and Lulu’s hug. Nathan is quick to say he was only comforting Lulu. Dante and his wife need to talk to each other. 

Lulu admits to Dante she’s been running because she was angry.  She should never have blamed him for losing Connie.

Lulu realizes Dante was in mourning as well. She begs his forgiveness.  Dante assures her he loves her and asks if she’s ready to come home. 

Alexis drops by to see Ava, but finds Julian instead. He tells her he grilled Ava about Silas, and she neither denied or admitted to framing him.


Alexis is certain Julian did it to get on Sam’s good side.  Julian admits he wants his children in his life. 

Julian says he’s attracted to Alexis. She accuses him of lying to her for months.

He challenges her to say she doesn’t feel the same way and pulls her to him. The two kiss and start to make out on the sofa. Alexis comes to her senses and runs out. 

Duke tells Sonny that Anna knows the truth, thanks to Julian. Sonny says he’ll understand if Duke needs to back off.

Duke has no intention of walking away. Julian never paid for his previous crimes and needs to be stopped at any cost. 

Duke doesn’t want to lose Anna, but needs to be his own man. Sonny says he can handle Julian, but Duke is willing to risk his relationship to stop his enemy. 

Robert tells Anna he received no information from the WSB about Dr. Obrecht. He asks why she’s so upset.

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Anna tells him about Duke working for Sonny. Robert understands Duke’s need for revenge. Anna says she needs him to be on the right side of the law. 

Anna admits she’s no better considering what they did to Faison. Robert says they needed to protect their loved ones. 

He tells Anna he’s leaving Port Charles. Holly has run into a problem helping Ethan and he needs to support her. 

Franco wants Kevin to hide him from the police, since he had nothing to do with Carly’s disappearance.  Kevin doesn’t fully believe Franco’s innocence, considering the knife that was found. Franco begs until Kevin agrees to help find him a place to stay. 

Kevin’s patient, Tina, arrives for her session only to find Franco instead.  She’s certain she knows him, but he claims to be Kevin’s new assistant. He tells her to book another appointment. 

Lucy wakes up in Scotty’s bed, angry at herself for letting it happen again. Scott wants her to ask Kevin for a divorce. Lucy loves her husband. 

Lucy hides when Kevin shows up at Scotty’s door. He tells Scott that Franco is at his office. He gave Scott a heads-up because of Lucy.

Scott promises to handle it and calls it in to the police. Scotty tells Lucy to go home to her husband. 

Nathan interrupts Lante’s reunion to say they need to pick up Franco. When Kevin returns to his office, Franco asks if he has a plan to help him and is surprised when Kevin ushers in the police.

Franco accuses Kevin of setting him up. Kevin had no choice. Franco is placed under arrest.

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