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Perkie's Observations: A Scorpio Says Goodbye on General Hospital

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Robert tells Robin he’s leaving to help Holly and Ethan. He feels he owes Holly for being at his side during his coma.

Robin is upset, since the family is finally back together. Robert says his goodbyes to both Robin and Emma before he leaves. Robin makes him promise he’ll be back. 

Nikolas wonders why Spencer is looking up chupacabras online. Spencer remembers what Heather told him, and blames Alfred for putting the thought in his head. 


Liz drops Cameron off for a play date, unaware he and Spencer are planning on getting rid of the monster in the stables. 

Heather reads Carly the newspaper article about Franco’s arrest. Carly is certain Franco will find her.

Heather tells Carly about her father walking out on her as a child. Carly is quick to try and find a bonding moment. She believes Heather is punishing Franco for her past. 

Heather complains Franco loves Carly more than her. Carly says she’ll give up Franco and promises not to say anything if Heather releases her. Heather can’t trust her. Carly has to pay. 

Franco is surprised to see Silas in the cell next to him.  Silas claims Ava is framing him for attempted murder. 

Franco thought Ava was framing him as well, but now thinks it’s too elaborate to be her.

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Michael shows up and attacks Franco until an officer pulls him off.  Michael swears he’ll make Franco pay for hurting his mother. 

Sam confronts Ava about setting up Silas. Ava denies it. She says she’s moved on from Silas and points out  Nina had money and a will giving Silas the money if she died.  Ava reminds Sam she warned her from the start about Silas. 

Kiki defends Franco to Morgan. She asks about Michael, but Morgan says he hasn’t seen his brother.  Kiki realizes Morgan’s upset. He admits things are done with Ava. 

Liz tells Nikolas she overheard something, but wonders if she should spill the beans. Nik says he can help her figure it out, if she confides in him.

Liz decides she’ll deal with it herself.  Britt arrives and the two snipe at each other, until they head out to work. 

Franco worries Michael will turn Kiki against him. He tells Silas he’s lucky he has her support. 

Sam arrives and demands to know from Silas whether Nina had a will. Silas admits she did, but swears the money means nothing to him.  Sam storms off. 

Michael returns from the station, angry with Franco.  Kiki wonders why he didn’t tell her where he was going.

Michael is tired of hearing her defend Franco. Kiki says she’s not defending him, but believes he’s changed. Michael tells her to worry about her real father instead — Silas is in jail. 

Morgan is surprised when Ava arrives at the house. She isn’t happy with how he ended things and tells him she loves him. Morgan admits he loves her as well, but it has to be this way. 

Kiki calls the institute to make an appointment to see Heather. 

Spencer and Cameron go into the stables. 

When Robin returns from the hospital, she notices her front door open.  Someone grabs her.