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Downton Abbey Recap: The Roaring ‘20s Come to Downton

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Rose (Lily James) secretly arranged for Jack Ross’ (Gary Carr) band to perform at Downton for Robert’s (Hugh Bonneville) birthday.  The entire household seemed more scandalized he was playing jazz music, than about him being black. 

Everybody went with it and had a good time though. Later, Mary (Michelle Dockery) walked in on Rose and Jack making out. 

Mary and Evelyn Napier’s (Brendan Patricks) boss, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), took an almost immediate dislike to one another. Charles believed estates like Downton were archaic, and thought Mary was an elitist snob. 

Mary completely disagreed and couldn’t help throwing biting remarks his way.  It was very Pride and Prejudice, with each thinking the other was stuck up. 

Never quite able to win Mary’s affections himself, Evelyn seemed somewhat happy over the estrangement.  However, might he also have been a little threatened by the pair’s sexual tension?  

Gregson (Charles Edwards) went missing in Germany. Edith (Laura Carmichael) tried not to worry, but it wasn’t looking good.  Later, Edith found out she was pregnant, making it even more essential for her fiancé to return home. 

When a valuable letter opener went missing, Violet (Maggie Smith) fired her gardener, Pegg (Joncie Elmore), for theft.  Isobel (Penelope Wilton) knew he must be innocent, and determined to crack the case.  A righteous Isobel later found the letter opener fallen under the couch cushion. Isobel was shocked, however, that Violet hired the man back of her own accord. 

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When Bates (Brendan Coyle) and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) went to a posh hotel for a dinner date, the snooty waiter pretended to lose their reservation.  Luckily, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) happened to be there, and she made sure they were served. 

Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) overheard Cora and Mary talking about something being up with Anna and Bates’ marriage.  She reluctantly reported this to Thomas (Rob James-Collier), who wanted her to find out everything about the potential scandal. 

Besides Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay), Anna always seemed like the only one Thomas might care about —regardless of how he loved to torment her husband.  It seem especially mean-spirited he appeared to want to take advantage of whatever Anna’s misfortune could be. 

Jimmy (Ed Speelers) took Ivy (Cara Theobold) to the movies. Afterwards, he thought it meant Ivy had to sleep with him.  Ivy was having none of that, and was now over Jimmy. Daisy (Sophie McShera) was still acting like a brat because nobody "liked-liked" her. 

Alfred (Matt Milne) got accepted into the Ritz’s cooking program after all.  He said his goodbyes and left.  

Carson (Jim Carter) had to now replace a footman, and refused to offer the position to Moseley (Kevin Doyle) again.  Last time they thought Alfred was leaving, Moseley made a huge stink about being asked to be a footman, when he’d once been a valet. 

Eventually, Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) and Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol) got involved, and convinced Carson to give Moseley another shot. 

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