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Perkie's Observations: Victor Cassadine Has Plans For Robin on General Hospital

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Two guards grab Robin and drag her into the house to be introduced to Victor Cassadine. Victor explains he’s the new head of the WSB. He admits he set Dr. Obrecht free, because she had information he wanted.


Victor explains the lab on Cassadine Island had the bodies of Helena and Stavros there, preserved since their deaths. He wants Robin’s help in bringing them back. 

Franco demands Anna and Dante find who set him up. They’re more concerned about showing him their evidence — the bloody knife.

Franco is visibly surprised to see the knife he used to kill Heather, but claims he never saw it before. He asks to speak with Diane. Dante reminds Franco what he’s done to Carly’s family and says they deserve to know what happened to her.

Dr. Obrecht is annoyed to have Patrick bring Emma to work, and angrier when Emma disses her. Patrick warns his boss to stay away from his daughter. 

Dr O gets angry with a tardy Sabrina, and comments on her pregnancy. Emma is surprised to hear this. Sabrina leads her away to talk. 

Patrick warns Liesl to stay out of his personal business. He doesn’t understand why she isn’t locked up.  Dr. Obrecht says she bought her freedom with information. 

Kiki stops by the Miscavige Institute to see Heather. She claims to be Franco’s daughter and therefore Heather’s granddaughter. 

The orderly brings her to Heather’s room, where Kiki sees the back of a blonde woman sitting in a chair.  The orderly says Heather’s been in a catatonic state since the art show and hasn’t left her room. 

Heather gags Carly and covers her with a blanket. Cam and Spencer come in and she tells them Carly is the chupacabra, which fascinates the boys. 

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Spencer decides he wants to kill it. Heather gives him a knife.  Spencer chickens out and he and Cameron run off. 

Britt accuses Liz of pushing her in the water, which Liz denies. Britt says Liz can’t stand that she’s with Nikolas.

Liz admits she doesn’t like it. Britt isn’t good enough for him.  Liz is certain Britt will tank the relationship on her own.

Sabrina admits she’s pregnant, but tells Emma the baby's father is Carlos.  Emma talks about the chupacabra, but Sabrina assures her there is no such thing. 

Dr. Obrecht complains about Britt, then tells her about Sabrina’s pregnancy. Patrick tells Britt the baby isn’t his.

Liz heads off to find Sabrina. She implores her to tell Patrick  he’s the father, unaware Emma is in the room. 

Lulu stops by to see Britt, but finds Nikolas. She says she wants to thank Britt for talking her into going back to Dante.

Lulu still worries the loft will feel empty without Connie. Nik gets a fussy Ben, who is calmed by Lulu. 

Spencer and Cameron return from the stables and tell Nik the beast is there. Nik goes to check it out, but finds no on there. Alone with Ben, Lulu notices something on his arm.      

Kiki tells Franco she went to the institute and that Heather is catatonic. 

Tracy tells Anna about Luke going missing. She waited 48 hours before reporting it. 

Anna is certain this is typical Luke. Tracy believes the new Luke would have at least told her he was taking off.

Anna is sure Luke will turn up. At the institute, the woman with the wig in Heather’s room turns out to be a captured Luke.