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Perkie's Observations: Will Robin Help Victor Resurrect The Cassadines on General Hospital?

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Victor explains he wants Robin to restore his family to their former glory. The bodies of Helena and Stavros have been preserved.  Robin refuses to bring two criminals back and doesn’t have the capability.


Victor reminds her she was able to find a cure for polonium poisoning. Mac arrives at the door, so Victor and his goons hide. 

Nikolas returns from the stables, and shows Lulu he found a knife. Lulu points out a rash on Ben’s arm. Nikolas isn’t worried, since Ben has an allergy to latex and certain vegetables. Lulu mentions Dante has the same allergy. 

Franco can’t believe Kiki saw Heather at the institute and admits he killed Heather. He explains how Heather would have killed Carly. 

Kiki says she really only saw the back of Heather’s head. Franco asks Kiki for help in escaping. 

Nathan apologizes to Dante for getting too close to Lulu. The two discuss the case against Franco. 

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Dante goes through the box of evidence from Franco’s room. He finds the florist's card from Heather threatening Carly. Dante isn't worried about Heather, since she supposed to be locked up. 

Heather drags Carly into the tunnels and ties her up. Heather realizes she’s missing the knife.It must still be in the stables.

She needs the weapon to kill Carly. She heads back to the stables, but doesn’t find it.  Heather decides to go back to the hotel to get another knife. 

Emma overhears Liz mention the baby being Patrick’s and confronts Sabrina. Liz admits she made a mistake and Patrick isn’t the father. Sabrina is upset she’s lying to everyone. 

 Britt apologizes to Patrick for letting him think Ben was his. She explains she didn’t have good parental role models and didn’t realize how wrong she was until she became a parent. 

Britt says her world changed thanks to Ben.  Patrick admits he was worried about her parenting skills, but not anymore.  Patrick says they’re both in a good place now. 

Mac gives Robin a good luck necklace from Robert, saying her father wanted her to have it at all times. Robin is glad since she needs to deal with Dr. Obrecht.

Britt arrives at Wyndemere, where Lulu thanks the doctor for convincing her to get back together with Dante. Britt notices the allergy lotion. Lulu tells her Dante has the same allergy. 

Sabrina tells Patrick he’s the father of her baby. 

Kiki storms out of the interrogation room, declaring she hates Franco. She pretends to pass out.

While the police are distracted, Franco lets himself out and starts to leave. Dante pulls his gun and orders Franco to stop. 

Desperate to save Carly, Franco takes off.  Dante shoots at him. 

Robin tells Victor that she’s not going to help him save his dead family.  He tells her that she’d also be helping a friend of hers and shows her a picture of Jason.