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Perkie's Observations: Robin Demands Proof Jason is Alive on General Hospital


Dante shoots Franco in the arm, but Franco still manages to escape.  Nathan accuses Kiki of faking her fainting to help Franco run.  Dante wants to know where Franco was going, but Kiki denies knowing. 

Nathan points out that Franco left Kiki holding the bag. Dante says she’s an accessory to murder.  Kiki asks to speak to a lawyer so the boys put her in a holding cell beside Silas. 

Robin doesn’t understand Victor, since Jason is dead, but he reminds her that no body was found.  Robin insists he tell her if Jason is actually alive.  Victor explains that Faison had men waiting to pick Jason out of the water. They took him to the clinic in Switzerland. 

Victor explains that Helena had Jason put in cryogenic care and that he needs Robin’s help in helping to revive them all.  Robin accuses Victor of lying so she’ll help revive the Cassadines.  She demands he show her proof that he has Jason.  Victor promises to give it to her, but has to leave. He warns Robin not to tell anyone.   

Sam wonders if Silas is guilty, since he lied to her so often, but Alexis is quick to tell her that she needs to evaluate the evidence.  Sam’s not sure she can trust what Silas is telling her. She asks her mother to try to get something out of Ava.  Alexis admits she went to see Ava but found Julian instead and remembers their passionate kiss. 

Julian pays Silas a visit, claiming to be a concerned father.  Silas denies having anything to do with his wife’s overdose and claims Ava framed him.  Silas is curious why Julian would be interested in helping. Julian admits he wants a place in his children’s lives.  Julian claims he’ll make sure Ava pays if she’s guilty

Sabrina tells Patrick the truth. She swears she never slept with Carlos and insists Patrick is the father.  She admits she had no intention of telling him about the baby and was planning on leaving town.  Patrick wonders why she’s telling the truth now. Sabrina says she didn’t like lying to Emma. 

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Olivia and Sonny discuss Julian and how he has no code and threatened to go after Carly and Michael to make Morgan do his bidding.  Sonny complains how untouchable Julian is.

Heather pretends to be interested in some cake at the restaurant and asks the waiter to bring her a knife.  Heather grabs the knife and puts it in her purse.  As she’s leaving the restaurant, Olivia spots her. However, before Olivia has a chance to go after Heather, Julian gets in the way. 

Olivia heads to the station to tell Dante that she saw Heather.  Dante calls the institute and is told Heather is still locked up.  Olivia wonders what her vision would mean. 

Silas swears to Kiki that he’s innocent.  She believes him but admits that she isn’t and explains how she helped Franco escape.  Silas points out that she’s in a lot of trouble and that he can’t protect her from this.  Kiki says she had to do it, that she believes Franco is innocent as she believes Silas is. 

Julian runs into Sam and Alexis and tells them that he saw Silas and believes his innocence.  Julian promises to help Sam prove it, because he wants her to be happy.  After Sam leaves, Julian tells Alexis that he can’t stop thinking about their kiss.  Julian wonders why she’s afraid of him. Alexis admits she’s scared of herself. 

Silas is surprised to see Sam return to see him.  Sam says she was wrong and that she’ll listen to his explanation. 

Robin wonders aloud if it’s possible that Jason is alive.  Patrick gets home and says he has something to tell her. 

Franco goes to the cemetery and digs up Heather’s grave only to find a note from her saying “You’re going to pay for this”