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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Hot for Teacher”

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Because Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was just using pills to stay awake to investigate Ezra (Ian Harding), her grades began to suffer. This caught the attention of her nefarious English teacher, who in turn started being extra stalkery. 

Ezra wanted to isolate Aria (Lucy Hale) from her friends and family.  This included whisking her away for a romantic getaway at his cabin. When Aria confessed she didn’t want to have to lie to her friends about their renewed secret relationship, Ezra placated her. 

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He gave her a speech making it seem like her isolation just meant she was growing closer to him. Basically, he played Aria like a fiddle. Ezra sounded like a total creep!  This whole scenario is just like the first act in a Lifetime movie about an abusive boyfriend. 

Hanna (Ashley Benson) bonded with hottie detective, Gabe Holbrook (Sean Faris), over crime novels and designer shoes.  They were cute together, despite the age difference, since every 20-something guy in Rosewood apparently can only be attracted to high school girls. They did have fantastic chemistry, but knowing this show's history with cops, he’s probably on Team “A.” 

Something Gabe said made Hanna realize Spencer was lying to all of them, and investigating something. Naturally, Hanna tailed Spencer and broke into her computer. Right when Spencer was going to break into Ezra’s apartment, Hanna confronted her, and called her theory “crazy.” 

This gave Spencer the idea to pretend she was overly tired. She realized Ezra/A was probably watching them. Hasn’t “A” been stalking for them for years at this point?  She would have been better off acting like “A” was watching her this whole time. 


Later, Spencer and Hanna filled Emily (Shay Mitchell) in on the "Ezra is Board Shorts" theory.  They decided to investigate further before telling Aria, since they knew if the theory proved correct, it would break her heart. 

Shana (Aeriel Miranda) and Emily teamed up to help Alison (Sasha Pieterse), which included stealing an envelope filled with $5,000 in cash (from Board Shorts?), which Ali had hidden in her room. Before Shana could tell Emily what the money was for, “A” scared her into leaving town for good. 

Unfortunately for Alison, Shana turned her back on her desperate friend. Alison used her few remaining dollars to board a bus, but to where?

Because apparently Ezra has all the girls under photographic surveillance and has a secret lair in his cabin’s basement, he pretty much knows about all the above mentioned goings-on. The real question is, was he fooled by Spencer’s rouse, or is the investigating pill head in danger?

Although the evidence keeps piling up against him, it still feels like it’s going to come out someone else is really “A,” as has happened every time before.  One thing that seemed fishy this week — if Ezra’s been “A” all this time, why was he just getting around to looking at the girls’ private school records?  Something doesn’t add up.  Also, it just really doesn’t feel like Ezra could be the brains behind this whole “A” thing. Sorry, bro. 

Don’t forget to catch next week’s snazzy-looking homage to Film Noir.  I’m already dying because of all the gorgeous 1940's costumes and hair!

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