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Perkie's Observations: Liz is Close to Busting The Britch on General Hospital


Dante finds Lulu waiting for him at the station. He tells her Franco escaped, but they found an unearthed grave, a sheet and a note written in blood. Lulu worries it’s Carly’s blood.

Michael pays Kiki a visit at the station, telling her he was worried when she didn’t come home. He blasts her for helping Franco escape.  He wonders how long she’s been helping Franco. Kiki admits hiding Franco in their apartment. 

Michael accuses Kiki of caring more for Franco than his mother.She turned her back on him when he needed her most.


Kiki believes Heather is framing Franco. She was desperate to get Carly out of Franco’s life. 

Michael doesn’t believe Heather is involved. He asks if Kiki knows where Franco is. She denies knowing his current whereabouts. 

Elizabeth inspects the prescriptions for Dante and Ben and wonders about the possibilities. Felix catches her and she explains. 

Liz thinks Britt stole Danite's sperm. She wants to run a DNA test. 

Liz says she’ll go to Wyndemere and get a sample from Ben, if Felix can manage to get one from Dante. Felix worries busting Britt will bring an end to whatever he has with Brad. Liz feels Dante deserves to know if Ben is his son.  

Lucas and a somewhat regretful Brad wake up in bed together. Lucas is quick to convince Brad they should continue what they started. 

Julian is happy to see Carlos finally come out of hiding. Carlos is upset Sabrina doesn’t need him anymore. 

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He was prepared to be a father to her baby and feels like he lost a child. Julian understands. He explains running into Lucas and how he doesn’t know how to reach out to him. 

Victor and Spencer meet at Wyndemere. Victor hands Spencer a Faberge egg, claiming it wins girl’s hearts. Spencer is eager to give it to Emma. 

Patrick assures Robin they will get through this pregnancy, so long as they are honest with each other. After Patrick leaves, Victor arrives asking if Robin has thought about his proposition. Robin wants proof Jason is alive. Victor produces a DVD. 

After watching the DVD, Robin feels it could have been doctored. Victor says she needs to go with him and no one can know.

Robin refuses to leave her family behind and wonders what reason she can give. Victor is certain her marriage has issues that she can exploit. 

Liz stops by Wyndemere to give the prescription to Britt. She grabs Ben’s hair brush. 

A lab tech tells Dante they haven’t analyzed the blood on the paper, because the lab is backed up. They did find a blond hair on the sheet.

Dante heads to the hospital. He asks Brad to put a rush on things. 

Felix offers to dispose of Dante’s water bottle. Later, he hands it to Liz to be tested. 

Lucas runs into Julian at the cemetery. He mentions he’s there to honor his real father, the late Dr. Tony Jones, on the anniversary of his death.

Julian says he would like to get to know Lucas, but understands if it’s too soon. Lucas asks what his biological father wants to know. Julian asks about a girlfriend. Amused, Lucas says he’s gay. 

Spencer stops by the Drake house to leave the egg for Emma. He sees Victor talking to Robin.