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Downton Abbey Recap: Lady Edith Deals With Her Pregnancy

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Robert (Hugh Bonneville) and Thomas (Rob James-Collier) went to America, after Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) brother got involved in a financial scandal. Apparently they thought his being a British aristocrat would woo their Yankee counterparts into letting illegalities slide? 

Robert almost took Bates (Brendan Coyle) with him, but Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) told Mary (Michelle Dockery) what happened to Anna (Joanne Froggatt), so she could dispel her father of the notion. Later, Mary and Anna had a heart-to-heart, but Anna maintained her attacker was as stranger. 

Tom (Allen Leech) and Mary started a new pig farming venture. Mary and Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) continued to dislike one another. After dinner, Mary and Charles went to check out the new pigs, and found them almost dead of dehydration because the water trough had been knocked over. 

Blake immediately went to work in the mud, getting the pigs water. Mary did the same right beside him.

They formed a mutual respect for one another, and the night turned out to be romantic. Plus, they saved all the pigs.  

Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) stopped at Downton for the night, on his way out of town. Evelyn (Brendan Patricks) and Charles were also still there. Just like that, Mary was once again surrounded by three suitors at evening dinner. 

Any one of the suitors would make a good match. I’m pretty sure Evelyn will still be a distant third.  We’ll see!

Unfortunately, Lord Gillingham brought his horrible valet, Green (Nigel Harman), with him. Mrs. Hughes confronted Green about what he did to Anna, and he was really smarmy about it.

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Later at dinner, he could not stop making little comments about that night. After he mentioned being down in the kitchens during the time of the show, Bates knew for certain he was the culprit who raped his wife. 


Violet (Maggie Smith) took sick with fever, and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) nursed her back to health. Violet was so out of it, she’d thought Dr. Clarkson (David Robb) had sent her a nurse, until he told her it was Isobel.  Isobel loved being useful, and although Violet was loathed to be indebted to her, she was very grateful. 

Edith (Laura Carmichael) went to London so she could have an abortion. An oblivious Rose (Lily James) tagged along so she could visit Jack (Gary Carr).  He expressed doubts about whether their romance was the right thing, but then they made out in public anyway.  Rose didn’t care  what anyone else thought. 

Edith confided to Rosamund (Samantha Bond) about the abortion. She ultimately supported her decision.

Although, she loved Gregson (Charles Edwards) and their child, she knew she couldn’t have it in case Gregson never returned and married her.  After arriving at the clinic, Edith couldn’t go through with her choice.

Isobel convinced Tom to go to a political meeting in the village. There, he made the acquaintance of a local teacher named Sarah (Daisy Lewis). Alfred (Matt Milne) also came back from The Ritz to visit the staff. 

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