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SPOILERS: Trouble Looms at Delia's Gala on The Young and the Restless

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Delia’s Gala: The citizens of Genoa City come out to remember the beloved little girl. Look for drama to unfold at the big event.

Victor/Jack: The feud between the mortal enemies starts to heat up.

Nikki: The socialite attempts to be a peacemaker between her husband and son-in-law.

Nick/Victoria: The elder Newman siblings learn a horrifying secret.

Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight attempts to make up with his lady love.

Jack/Kelly: Old Smilin’ Jack and the mystery woman hit off when they meet.

Nick/Sharon: The former high school sweethearts share a close moment remembering the past.

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Victor: He gets a shock at his meeting.

Nick/Dylan: The brothers team up to bust Ian.

Colin/Jill: The mobster tries to woo the ex-manicurist on Valentine’s Day. Watch for the two to keep playing their one-up game.

Chloe/Chelsea: The fashionista plots to keep her BFF in Genoa City.

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