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Perkie's Observations: Ava Agrees to Ditch Julian on General Hospital

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Morgan tells Ava to leave the new headquarters of Corinthos Coffee. He promised his father he’d stay away from her.


Ava is certain this isn’t really what Morgan wants. He admits he loves her, but they can’t be together. 

Ava thinks they can meet in secret. Morgan says she’s Sonny’s enemy, despite the fact Julian doesn’t see her as his equal.

Morgan thinks the solution is for Ava to leave the Jerome crime family and come and work for Sonny. He promises protection from Julian. Ava agrees, so Morgan heads out to find his father. 

Victor continues to hound Robin about making a decision, but she isn't ready yet. Liz and Cameron arrive to spend time with Emma. 

Robin runs into Molly and TJ and is introduced to Danny. She bonds with Jason's son. 

Spencer demands to know why Victor was at Emma’s house. His great-great uncle wants him to keep that a secret. In exchange for his silence, Spencer asks Victor to take him to the park. 

Nikolas hires a contractor to find out about the shaking noise they heard. The contractor comes across Heather and Carly in the catacombs. Heather is forced to kill him.

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Carly points out Heather has a hole in her plan, namely the time of death. The police found the knife weeks ago. If Heather kills her now, the autopsy will show when Carly actually died. 

Carly feels this will only prove Franco’s innocence. Heather decides she needs to rethink things and heads out to dispose of the contractor’s body. 

Franco begs Scott to help. He hides when Nathan shows up at the door.

The detective wants Scott’s help in putting Silas behind bars. Scott feels there is too much reasonable doubt. He doesn’t want to put an innocent man away. 

Scott agrees to help Franco by going to see Heather at the institute. When he gets there, he’s shocked by who he finds instead. 

AJ remembers seeing Ava get off the elevator the night of Connie’s murder. Liz bumps into him and he grabs her arm. He says he remembers something from that night. Liz can smell the alcohol on his breath and tries to pull away. 

Nik arrives and gets between them. AJ heads off.

Britt tells Liz her priceless hairbrush is missing. Liz points out stuff goes missing all the time, including one of Cam’s DVDs. 

Victor sees the newspaper article about Franco and is surprised to see Heather’s photo. He recognizes her as the woman he ran into at Wyndemere.

He asks Spencer if he knows the woman. The kids admit  she was the one in the stable. 

Franco runs into the kids and asks about Heather. They tell him she was at the stable with a chupacabra under a blanket. Franco wonders where she would go. Spencer tells him about the tunnels under Wyndemere. 

AJ finds Ava at Sonny’s office. 

Robin tells Victor she’ll do what he wants.

Franco heads into the tunnels and comes across Carly.